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John Doe

I tried to convert a 4 page PDF file to DOC format. At the end of the conversion process a pop-up says: “The conversion is complete! Do you want to view the output file(s) now?”, while the list of files shows an “Error occurred” in the result column. No further explanation was provided. There was no DOC file. Then I tried again, converting to RTF. This time it worked. I viewed the RTF file in Microsoft Word, it looked horrible.
Then I did a similar conversion process with other conversion tools (ONEKEY_PDF_Convert_to_Word, iSkysoft, PDF_Converter_Kit) with the same PDF file. All of them were able to convert to DOC format. And: viewed in Microsoft Word the quality was much much better than the one from “PDF to X”. I see no reason whatsoever to prefer “PDF to X” to any of these competitors, which I also got for free from sharewareonsale (or others) some time ago.