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Jerry Lewis

@ ASHRAF with all due respect for the outstanding effort you make bringing these giveaways to us everyday and knowing that this is a business that like any other should bring in some reward for your time and to help with the bills but has the time arrived that you consider not doing business with this group anymore or at least until they change their business practices or give us a public reason for the “underhanded “method they use ? , pretending to be giving while removing an earlier “gift”in the process , I even wonder if its legal for a normal company to invade our computers to remove programs in the way that they do without permission or is this in their “fine print ” ?
But thanks anyway for doing your best while others are just spoil sport as some may say , feel free not to publish this but i just want to echo what others have said before , just how pissed i am with this particular software maker .
Thank you .