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    Have something to say about Sketch Drawer Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Sketch Drawer Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with Sketch Drawer Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

    UPDATE: Please note, if you download and install Sketch Drawer Pro from the developer’s website, the license key will NOT work. You must download and install it from the link we give you above.

    UPDATE 2: Message from developer – We carefuly checked the “activation error license key already used” issue and did not found any problems. We have than 2400+ successfull activations. Please uninstall the older version of the program, temporary disable your antivirus and firewall and try once again. If there is still any problems please contact support@softorbits.com

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    Lizenz schon registriert kommt als Fehlermeldung
    License allready used error :-(((

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    Lizenz schon registriert kommt als Fehlermeldung
    License allready used error :-(((

    x2 :-( :-(

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    Svend Ostergaard

    Bad behavior!
    I had ver. 4.2 in my computer.
    Installed Ver 5.1 and received an error message that the registration did not work. Then uninstalled the program, assuming it was the previous version that was annoying. Installed again ver 5.1 but now it says the key has already been used and now I’m sitting with an unregistered version though i had a registered ver 4.2 that worked.

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    VERY concerned about the previous posts saying that it wouldn’t register properly, and the lack of responses or solutions. I, too, have a previous version and LOVE IT (despite the long conversion time—that’s acceptable to me since it’s a complicated conversion). I have recommended this software to other photographers often and was eager to try the more recent version now, but don’t want to lose the functionality I enjoy with the older version, as is being reported this morning.

    Any solutions?

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    I take the new version 5.1 of Shetch Drawer on Sharewareonsale. Before, I put off version 4.2 from my computer. At least Key version5.1 does’nt work after install new version. In fact, I hav’nt any more Sketch Drawer on my PC. Message tell me that only one on my computer and refused new key. What can I do? hope to read you soon.

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    Thomas James

    I am having the same problem as users Svend and Gil above. When I enter the registration key for Sketch Drawer 5.1, it says the “key is valid and can be activated now”. But when I click on the the register button, I get an “Activation error – the license key has been already activated” and the program stays in trial mode with no ability to save anything. Bummer!

    Since this has happened to more than one of us, it would be nice if the software developers could help us get this “valid key” working so we can test out this software to see if it’s worth purchasing.

    A little help, please!

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    Jerry Lewis

    @ ASHRAF with all due respect for the outstanding effort you make bringing these giveaways to us everyday and knowing that this is a business that like any other should bring in some reward for your time and to help with the bills but has the time arrived that you consider not doing business with this group anymore or at least until they change their business practices or give us a public reason for the “underhanded “method they use ? , pretending to be giving while removing an earlier “gift”in the process , I even wonder if its legal for a normal company to invade our computers to remove programs in the way that they do without permission or is this in their “fine print ” ?
    But thanks anyway for doing your best while others are just spoil sport as some may say , feel free not to publish this but i just want to echo what others have said before , just how pissed i am with this particular software maker .
    Thank you .

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    I had a problem getting it to register as well until I stopped copy/paste and just copy then click on the clipboard button.. worked well after that. I don’t know if this is your problem but make sure you click on the clipboard button for true activation.

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    As others users , impossible to activate, message “activation error license key already used”.
    Ashraf could you help please ?

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    Same as others, getting that the key I was provided has already been used

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    Nice software BUT…

    Same thing as other: “key already used”

    And also, I have ***purchased*** this software twice (in 2014 and 2015). I registered it, but it reverted, some times after, to “unregistered”.

    I think there is a problem with softOrbit registration system. This is the only software with which I have those kind of problems.

    Try it, but do not buy it: you will probably lose your money.

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    I too am getting the error message that the key has already been used.

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    It’s simple!

    You just need a new key :)

    I do not use SoftOrbits.

    I use – TeoreX.

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    Give people a new key, please!
    Thank you!

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