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joe s

Attempted to register, but like many others it would not accept the key. I thought it was something I had done wrong, like not uninstalling V4.0.4.0 before installing the new one. So I uninstalled both and tried again, same issue. So now I had hosed my previous version as well. Fortunately I have learned to do a restore point before installing anything from any free SW site and was able to revert everything so the older version is back. I also have other SW for doing the same thing this one does. So I am not particularly worried about not having this one, altho it sounds as if it has capabilities the older V does not. But I will live. Too bad, the older version is rather cool and I was looking forward to an update. It is not something I would use often, just a fun toy. If asked I would recommend a pass on this opportunity. Also, the CAPTCHA really does seem needlessly complex. In some cases such things have discouraged me from posting at all. They won’t die if they don’t have my opinion.