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Seems fixed Windows 10 x64 Pro. Re d/led. This time I let the d/l go to folder as usual. Then I broke
the popup that wants to do the installation. Go to the SOS folder itself. Run as Admin the file called
Sketch Drawer Pro.exe and then when launch the desktop icon (even as a regular one) that common serial
given will take. Check Help About & there it is. Glad they straightened this out.
btw I guess they’ll fix the countdown clock here (or not) but still is showing <15 hours remaining for
the sale end. Perhaps the “extension to the end of the month) will still work even if d/l after sale.
That has been the fix offer in past.
As to program it loaded ok drag & drop, and saved ok (experiment with that first). Bit horsey to use so work on copies only until get to understand its quirky cropping for one thing. Didn’t want to maintain the aspect ratio for me at first.
Thanks for all the work. Enjoy summer.