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Unimpressed with the licensing

This program does not remain registered! On entering the e-mail address and registration code provided it claims to have registered and the About window shows it registered to the e-mail address, but the title bar at the top of the window continues to state unregistered. On closing then restarting the program it shows as not registered in both title bar and About window. This sequence can be repeated with the same result.
Somehow (I don’t recall the exact sequence which led to this) it can end up in a state with a 3 option window giving options to find out how to register, to enter the registration details (again) or continue in trial mode and the the program locks up. Neither the normal Exit button nor the top right hand cross button close it down (and I had to revert to the Windows Task Manager to stop it).
It appears that the registration/licensing mechanism is not working correctly with this version of the program. I did have an earlier version (possibly version installed on the PC a few years ago, but uninstalled it during a tidy up of programs which I did not use. Maybe some remanants of the registration/licensing data from that earlier version are left behind somewhere and interfering with the registration/licensing of the new version?