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    hi.will it work in Argentina ? what do you mean by cold storage ? tks

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    what’s wrong with mega they offer 50GiB of free storage that you can access from a browser (they have Chrome and Firefox addons for faster access) or a desktop client (they have one for mac win and lin) they also have an android and ios app
    the only limits for free accounts is the 50GB of storage and 1 TB of transfer per month so you don’t leech them out of business
    and their storage is encrypted so they don’t have access to your data

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    Master Of Nothing

    you get 100Gb storage but you can not manage your files because it’s cod storage.
    If you want to manage your files you must pay 20 euros for every 50GB.
    Simply speaking this is a misleading offer …

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    Suffian Ahmed

    Hi All,

    Prefect & Cool Deal. Great to have it.

    Thank you.

    Suffian Ahmed

    Webnoesys IT Solutions LLP,
    Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
    W : http://www.webnoesys.in

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    Peter Neves

    A pity do not work in Brasil.

    Pena, não funciona no Brasil.

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    Thank you for your information that you’ve shared. It’s really helpful for me.
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    Works great in France !

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    Отличное предложение, не хватает только русской локализации

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    Karen G Harris

    Thank you for offering this cloud storage, it is working seamlessly/

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    you guys rock !!

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    [@Ashraf] Que lastima que no esta disponible en mi pais argentina.esperare

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    I dont get 100 GB. What do I do?

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    I dont get any 100GB storage. Just 50 GB trial for 14 days.

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    Thank you this has came in a perfect time

    many thanks

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    same applies for me, i’m from Cyprus

    “Unfortunately, this offer is currently not available in your country.
    We’re working hard to add more countries. Once this offer is made available in your country, we’ll let you know!”

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