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    Thank you so much and hope this offer will available for Thailand soon.

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    Krzysiek T.

    Just in time as realy needed place to store and share my project with my coworker :) working as it should. Easy to handle ! ;)
    Thanks again !
    I am in United Kingdom so no restriction here.
    Small advice for people in whom country its not working – like Poland…get a proper VPN soft and you are ready to go :)

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    [@Toni] Hello I am from Argentina and my country do not appear! Exactly like you in Polland

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    [@Julio] Exactly!! You are very smart!!! Thanks

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    not working Unfortunately, this offer is currently not available in your country.

    We’re working hard to add more countries. Once this offer is made available in your country, we’ll let you know!

    I am from pakistan

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    Я не могу войти в программу,хотя пароль правельный.Я из России,из Челябинска…

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    Bruno Ribas

    Just because I’m Brazilian !!
    Is not fair!

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    100 GB cloud storage.registered now . It works .and Thanks
    Clear instructions from shareware.

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    Kindly can you send us the list of countries are available for this offers
    Thanks in advance

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    I’m in France but i dont have the offer of 100GB for life

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    is this offer available in the US ?

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    The link for the 100 Gb free cloud storage don’t work.
    The link is redirected to the 14 days trial.
    I try to connect from Italy
    Thank you for answer
    Best regards

Viewing 13 posts - 31 through 43 (of 43 total)
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