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    Tin Oo

    The code doesn’t work[ @can] The code doesn’t work. The only thing works is they ask you to buy a full version. This is a spam.

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    génial comme outil de très bonne capture écran…
    Bravo !!! a sharewareonsale qui nous permet de tester et profiter des logiciels innovants…

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    its work thank you so much for this giveaways

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    Definitely a power hog.. Copy/paste won’t work, you must type in the code and it’s a long one so make certain you get it right. Played okay but I will not use the video because it will absolutely snag on me. Not the nicest looking player but who really needs all the bells and whistles? I hope this will be offered in the future because what I have now just barely plays audio (32 bit – 2.80 GHz – 4GB HDD) and my big tower is in shop.

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    Anthony Lund

    Had to wipe my computer and start over. Now 8K player says my registration is BANNED! Avoid this garbage like the plague.

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    [ @Anthony Lund] I didn’t wipe my computer and was informed yesterday that my 8K player license was banned. I’m currently dealing with Dimo support as to whether the license was for a trial or a full version.

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    Stephen Kreyling

    Another Dirty Vendor, offers free product, then bans the license making you pay. Un-install the product and avoid trashy companies like this.

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    New message

    problem: licence has been banned

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    I really never had the chance to try it out I downloaded the program and later that day reformatted my HD due to issues with my computer but I had save the installer and Key thinking I could reinstall the program later. Well needless to say once I tried to reinstall it my license Key was void. I tried to E-Mail the company and ask why this was and got no response at all. I personally might have bought something from this company but if I could not receive a response from my question I can just imagine how customer support would be if I had bought this program and ended up having issues, But who know’s maybe they treat there paying customers different,I personally am not going to take the chance .. Thank’s but no thank’s. There are plenty of other companies out there not to mention all the free players that do what this player does so why take a chance on buying something when they can’t even respond to an E-mail question..

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    [ @Randy] I would like to revise my comment I did recive a e-mail back from this company and I did not see it the did explain that it was a limited trial and could not be reinstalled because of that .. They also included a link for 50% off there player for the trouble so I resend my comment they were really helpful and did reply I just didn’t see it .. Thank you for your response and the coupon for 50% off .. Sorry for the over look .. Would buy from this software company !!!

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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