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    The link to the licnse was a .RU country.
    The license is in another language.

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    Malcolm Born

    [ @Ashraf]
    I am sure I will be happy with this program, although it took me probably an hour or more to go through the registration process. It is so complicated and you can’t undo any minor mistakes. Thanks.

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    Roy Pearcey

    I have registered four or five times and yet still cannot get a license numbr

    please help me or contact me via my e-mail — [email protected]

    Thank you — Roy Prearcey

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    The direction on how to get the license key is a bit difficult because all I see are characters “like the ones you don’t use in a calculator”

    But I successfully receive my key.. Thanks to the Boss/SOS and ABBYY
    I will try to give this a shot, looks promising..

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    Michael Martin

    The email I received was from [email protected]. It was in Russian characters, but I examined it carefully and found the license key about midway through the email. It was in English and numeric characters and in the form of XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

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    Robert Solly

    When I launched the Screenshot reader after installation, I received an error message stating that the licensing service had stopped. The program does not run. I have my licensing key. What should I do?

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    I downloaded and installed Abby screenreader without any problem.
    I got the serial instantly and tried the soft on an english page.
    I didn’t find the arabic langage. Can I add it to the list ? How ?
    Thank you

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    Had this since Screenreader 5.
    Great app, thanks Boss

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    I did everything as directed, but did not receive a registration key. I got an email that should have had it, but the key was not included. What do I do now?

    i have exactly the same problem, didn’t receive the license key, and it says my email may be invalid or has been used before I only got the first 2 ‘welcoming’ emails :(

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    Tried 3 different, good emails and got the following for each.
    There is no such aktsiii or e-mail has already been used

    Tried “http://www.abbyy.ru/promo/ny-2016/gift/” and the link in the email. Maybe I’ll try to find a disposable email.

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    Set up a brand-new yahoo account, same result.

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    Usually these sort of registration processes work.
    But this one, I enter my email and click the first radio button line for Screenshot Reader and then the red box button. All that happens is the page redisplays, empty of the data, and now the first line for Screenshot Reader has a gray exclamation mark.
    Perhaps the offer has been exceeded ?

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    The Russian website repeatedly rejected my valid email. When I submitted, it would just refresh the same page and bring it back without my email. It seems like that happened to me before with this program.

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    Robert Solly

    OK, I waited a day or two to see if the licensing service would come back on. It did not.
    What is going on?

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    [@Robert Solly] The licensing service is a program that runs on your own PC. There is obviously a problem and it won’t run. My file is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ABBYY\ScreenshotReader\11.00\Licensing and is called NetworkLicenseServer.exe You can try running it manually.

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