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    Stavros Skamagkis

    Hi, in the product’s page it says that “You must get your license key and download the installer before this offer has ended”. Does the mean that I can install it and activate it later if I want, even after the giveaway has ended?

    Thanks for any answers.


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    感觉不太好,说搞活动结果下载安装后只是安装了ABBYY Screenshot Reader这一个截图软件,占了340M空间,最重要的Abbyy Finereader 14这个转换工具不给用,好像还要另外去下载还不是免费;现在截图软件那么多我干嘛要安装你一个截图软件就要三四百M,这么大的软件只有截图功能;感觉被骗,好像其它截图程序空间还很小,没必要用你这一个;如果真有诚意就把Abbyy Finereader 整合在一起给消费者用或者不需要再另外花钱去安装Abbyy Finereader 14。

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    thanks a lot

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    Ezequias Macedo da Rocha

    <font style=”vertical-align: inherit;”><font style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>obrigado</font></font>

    Mesmo após registrar o programa a licença deixa de funcionar e algo sai errado.

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    Jew Inoven

    An absolute must have piece of software, it took an image of text it was a .jpg with test in it. It grabbed the text and put it in word and I was able to manipulate the text. I give it 10/10

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    Jew Inoven

    [@Jew Inoven] FUck you wetback go eat a taco

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    Fernando Carvalho

    Thank you very much for this giveaway.

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    Joachim Schaumann

    ABBYY Screenshot Reader is a great tool. Very useful. Thank you for this free version!

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    Screenshot Reader to celująca w doskonałość, bezkonkurencyjna aplikacja do OCR i zapisywania obrazu widocznego na monitorze.

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    I installed, but no information as to how to register – no registration number just a rectangular little box on my desktop. Clicking from the help screen (Where I found the link that indicated I could register by clicking to another page on the internet) it only lead me to a page requesting the version number and a registration number – which neither was supplied in the dialogue in Shareware On Sale. Shareware On Sale wrote: ‘After install ABBYY Screenshot Reader and you will be asked to register it. Simply follow on-screen instructions to register it’ – well that never happened after I installed the program. Help

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    [ @Ashraf]
    Hi Ashraf,
    I’m having a problem with the installation of ABBYY Screenshot Reader.
    There is an error message at setup stating that “PackageName= key not defined in setup.ini and more one msi files exist” “OK”
    Could you please advice me on how to remove the error message, in order to install ABBYY Screenshot Reader? THanks

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    What is the programs password?😐🤔

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