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    A window pops up saying that I can convert only 3 pages unless I register. Registering requires purchasing.

    I thought perhaps I could convert 3 pages at a time, but I wasn’t able to convert any but the first 3 pages. I deleted it and then tried to select 3 pages in the middle, but I was unable to enter that in the boxes. I tried starting in the middle of the document at the right side of the page, but it still converted only the first 3 pages.

    Did this happen to anyone else? Am I doing something wrong? I’m using Windows7 and I tried both a FoxIt PDF and an Adobe PDF.

    It will still be useful for a single page, or if I want the first three pages of a document, but I’d love to be able to use it to convert whole docouments if I need to.

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    Registering does not require purchasing. You just register with the licence key that was displayed + mailed to you after you asked for the free software.

    On my first attempt, it seemed that the registration did not “stick”, and that I had to apply it again at next launch. However, the problem corrected itself. (I had this problem once with another SoS offer : that particular software still asks for the key everytime it’s launched. Irritating.)

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    Thank you so much. Of course, I felt like an idiot for not using the code in my email. But at least I was smart enough to ask my question instead of giving up…

    After I put in the code and my registration was accepted, I tried again and still got only 3 pages. But I re-installed the program and it worked perfectly converted a PDF to Word.

    So thanks again. I really appreciate it.

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    P.S. And I’ll be sure to save this and any other codes.

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    I got an email about a 100% discount with a registration key. Downloaded the program, was asked to register and did that using the key in the email. Next time I wanted to use the program I was tild it was an “evaluation program” good for 3 pages, what’s the deal here? I have to pay $ 49.00 for this?
    Just asking.

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    This is a fake download of Adept PDF Converter Kit. In both the automated wizard driven download and the manual download, the process continues until about 90%, then the download stops and breaks. There is an interrupted network error. There was never any intention by the software developer to allow users to download this software. What a phony giveaway.

    Given my own experience with the invitation AND the download, I tend to agree with the above. Just another way to get you to buy it.

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