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    Have something to say about Adept PDF Converter Kit? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Adept PDF Converter Kit, post it here! If you know of issues with Adept PDF Converter Kit, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Paul Thompson

    Wow! I only tried to convert one file; my manual for this Dell Inspiron 660. It’s 110 pages and I converted it to MS Word. Beautiful!

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    Had a quick try with a 44-pages report converted to Word. Original document has a professional, magazine-style layout, with columns, tables and boxes. Result was not perfect, but better than with other similar software.

    An interesting function gives you two options : closer to original but more difficult to edit (converts to Word boxes), or the other way round. The second option gave a very good result, readable and nice to look at (although still with some quirks). You need to experiment to evaluate how good the conversion exactly is.

    Nice, clean and simple interface. However, the Help button is inactive. Anyone knows how to correct this ?

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    This is a fake download of Adept PDF Converter Kit. In both the automated wizard driven download and the manual download, the process continues until about 90%, then the download stops and breaks. There is an interrupted network error.
    There was never any intention by the software developer to allow users to download this software.
    What a phony giveaway.

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    Why do you presume malice ? It’s obvious at least two people have succeeded in downloading, installing and using this piece of software (me included). Don’t you ever fail at some computing operations ? Obviously, there has been a technical fault with your connection, the download server or somesuch. Why on earth would a publisher advertise to offer something it would plan not give ? And presumably pay for the privilege ?

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    Don Persinger

    When I attempted to download the Adept PDF Converter my PANDA Antivirus stopped it, with the message Virus detected W32/Exploit.gen .

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    Don Persinger,

    Virus Total gives a 1/56 score to the exe file. The only anti-virus finding fault with it is one “NANO-Antivirus”. Panda gives it a clean verdict. So I suppose it’s on behavioural analysis that your Panda flags it. I’m not a malware expert but I would suppose a false positive.

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    Carl Hyatt

    Downloaded and installed fine for me. Converted a 432-page book to JPG successfully.

    It works, and works well. Thanks!

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    [@Clairvaux] several of us have been able to download, install, and use today’s offering. The phony appears to be sitting in your chair. Your comment is an ugly attack against the software developer based on your poor lack of evidence. It is obvious that several of us have been able to download today’s offering with no mishap if you are not able to carry out common computer functions then stay away from the website’s comment sections. It would be worth getting kicked off of the ability for me to comment on this website to say that there is nothing wrong with today’s web offering. Your problem appears to be isolated.

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    It appears your comment is directed at ricohflex. I was actually making the same point as you (although maybe in a more relaxed way…). I would appreciate an acknowledgement on your part.

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    El Al

    It works perfectly!!! Thanks!

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    El Al

    It works perfectly!!!!! Thanks!

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    TO: Clairvaux

    I hope that all would correctly attribute my comment to the errant party and not someone that stepped into the line of fire. I am quite sorry that it appears that I was criticizing you. I was/am not. I am looking at those that take false rapid shots at a developer that has probably spent hundreds of hours on his project. If your fleece is white as snow Please do not get your panties in a twist. As you correctly surmised I found nothing wrong with your post. There was a matter of the wrong person catching my criticism.

    It bothers me quite some amount when I first start studying a software that has no negative (or for that matter positive) comments but has received a number of down votes for no apparent reason. Let us give these developers some credit. When we find a project that has potential we should say so and offer constructive criticisms.

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    Download, installation and registration no problem whatever. Norton will invariable quibble any new setup file even if free from malware and will ask for go-ahead. Ashraf’s SharewareOnSale is to me the gold standard for useable and clean software.
    My first trial for AdeptPDF was a statement from my bank covering 6 months, conversion to html.
    Honestly, beyond belief. Nobody would suspect this being a converted file. As neat as one could imagine.
    Truly brilliant.
    Thx for the offering.

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    conversion to doc(x) format is always tricky when it comes to layouts which even the latest MS Word version cannot handle all that well. PDF’s of that sort are typically created in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. So, really, it speaks for the relative quality of the converter that you got something of decent quality.

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