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    Have something to say about ApowerEdit? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than ApowerEdit, post it here! If you know of issues with ApowerEdit, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Please do not share with us programs with “1 year license” or “6 months…”
    These are not gifts but burden…

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    I keep getting this error message. I’ve checked my own connection and I’m good.
    Any idea’s on how to get this program to connect to their server?

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    Please do not share with us programs with “1 year license” or “6 months…”

    From what I can see from reading the forum on the Apowersoft website, it seems the 1 year restriction is just on technical support and updates. The program will continue to run after that, but you just can’t get updates. Can Ashraf or Apowersoft conform for us? Thanks

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    Have installed and run on Windows 7.

    I’ve read the instructions and it is fairly straight forward to use.

    I’m a bit disappointed with the filters as most of them are a bit naff. I was hoping there would be a filter (or a least a tutorial) that would let me make a video a monochrome colour just like the one on the Apowersoft home page, but maybe they didn’t use their own editor to create that?

    I did have some issues with the program
    1. When I try to adjust the volume of a video that is playing, then the whole program hangs. It does unfreeze after a minute or so.
    2. When I added one of the filters to the whole video (‘rotationroundtorect’) then the audio started stuttering.

    Seems there may be a few bugs to iron out yet.

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    sylvie laflamme

    I can’t install it Windows Defender Smartscreen always block it ! :(
    I’m with windows 10

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    I download the free version from SharewareOnSale and the license number does not work. I had to sign up with ApowerEdit. Then I got a verification code in my email I put that in and that worked fine the next window asked for my activation code number which I used the one from SharewareOnSale site. I put it in about 5 times and rechecked and rechecked and it keeps saying not a valid code and to buy it now!!
    WHAT??? Can you please assist me in this matter.. Thank you

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    Please inform me reason why when I type your key informs me that the activation code is invalid. Did according to your explanation when it arrives part insert the activation code says to be invalid ??? Thanks

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    sylvie laflamme

    i’ve desactivate this windows tool and all is perfect. Sadly it’s
    only for one year but thank you.

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    Downloaded ApowerEditor – ran (downloaded 36MB to ??). Clicked INSTALL NOW – asked permission to allow changes to pc (Windoze 10). I clicked YES – then, after a short while, gives message “Unable to execute file in the temporary directory. Setup aborted. Error5: Access is denied.”. As I don’t know where the temporary directory is I can’t check why the access is denied…

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    Two reviews this time. I reinstalled the program and it worked. I had to register my email twice (same box), which was really suspicious. I have tried the program now and it has some cool features, definitly

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    1 year licenses are nothing more than shareware with a 1 year test period.
    I will not download nor use them

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    I have asked for the e-mail containing the six-digit code to be sent to me six times — it’s never arrived. I have triple-checked — and yes, I did enter my e-mail correctly.

    Is there any way to actually have this e-mail reach me?


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    what it’s really legal?

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