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    Have something to say about Audials One 2022 Edition? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Audials One 2022 Edition, post it here! If you know of issues with Audials One 2022 Edition, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    murat gursey

    harika bir uygulama tavsiye ederim.

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    I installed the app but It’s still not the full version. Everytime I see the offer pop-up.

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    Robert Fare

    You start with the Audials One 2022 Special Edition. Then get the Audials Music 2022 Special Edition. Finally buy Audials Movie 2022 at a discounted price. Then you will have all the components of Audials 2022. A lot cheaper than buying Audials 2022 outright..

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    Robert Fare

    [@Kerim] It’s not supposed to be the full edition. You will have to install additional components to get the equivalent of a full version. Look at my other comment.

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    EXCELLENT product which i’ve had for last 3 yrs… mainly thru freebies via Ashraf!

    essentially, it adds a range of stuff that you don’t always currently get with a Spotify £9.99/mth subscription, and this way is obv cheaper!

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    dave cole

    Downloaded ShareWareOnSale file okay. Download of Audials setup file took several minutes, as did the installation process.

    Could not minimize the program after it started, so could not get to my list of user names and passwords. Had to start a new account.

    On startup, got a message that a Microsoft file was missing or not working. Downloaded MicrosoftEdgeWebview2Setup, was told the file was already installed.

    All help will be greatly appreciated. Everybody everywhere, STAY SAFE, and have a great holiday!

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    kelly lawson

    Maybe it is me but this seems to be stripped down version. There used to be a section for streaming but it seems to be missing

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    Veronica Bergman

    [ @Ashraf]
    I have tried twice to install this giveaway (I have an Audial account but can not enter any information into the “Activation Screen” – I installed it and then installed it again as administrator – I can not use the software without activation. Please help.

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    Robert Fare

    [@Veronica Bergman] At the bottom of the Audials Product Activation page is a box that says Connect with Facebook. Click on that box and see if you can activate the program using that method.

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    Robert Fare

    [ @dave cole] Try removing the Microsoft file that is supposed to be missing or currupted. Then utilize the Microsoft file you downloaded. I have had similar situations in which an already installed file stopped the installation progress. I had to remove that file in order to have the program successively installed.

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    Jerry Sindo Garcia

    Thank you, now I can test this software.

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    Daniel J Beck

    If Robert is correct, and we have to “Buy” Addons to make this work, I’d have never fallen for this.

    The ShareWareOnSale promo clearly emphasizes that we Do Not need to Upgrade – and says nothing about the fact that this… what… records a few songs and Pod Casts I don’t care about? I can do that without “Buying Addons”. I’m certainly not going to buy addons for something that doesn’t work as advertised. Yikes!

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    Setup EXE dont launch

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    This is the first time I’ve downloaded something from sharewareonsale that hasnt been correct, the site says “Audials one 2022 edition” what it doesnt say is its “SPECIAL EDITION” as others have said it doesnt do the capture side of things that I was looking for, I wanted the movie side of things to regain what I have lost from my hard drive giving up, of my kids on facebook etc, this was supposed to do that, I guess at no cost I havent lost anything more but it was a little misleading.

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