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    Vasanth Kumar

    For those who could not register:
    1. Go to ?
    2. Click “About”
    3. Click “Enter License Data”.

    It works.

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    [@Vasanth Kumar]

    Thanks for the tip Vasanth but it did NOT work for me. Using your method resulted in the same initial “Valid License” screen then, after clicking “OK”, an “Invalid License” dialog box popped up and the software reverted to the trial version after clicking OK on the “Invalid License” message box. I have sent eMails to both Ashraf (admin@sharewareonsale.com) and KC Softwares. No response from either yet.

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    When you add the serial number make sure you use under case letters for

    SharewareOnSale :NO
    sharewareonsale :YES

    It worked with Vasanth Kumar suggestion,thanks Vasanth

    Hope that works

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    SharewareOnSale :NO
    sharewareonsale :YES

    NOT work for me

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    It worked for three minutes after closing the program and opening it again.
    Now invalid license.
    After trying to add the information in again mo luck.
    Wait on admin!for advice.

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    Same here. Says vaild license when you register, then pop-up says ‘invalid license’ and program closes.

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    D Postom

    Vasanth and VC suggestions do not work for me. 8+ hours of multiple complaints and NOTHING from Shareware on Sale, DotTech, Ashraf, or KC. Way to run a business, NOT.

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    @everyone: I’ve asked the developer to step in to see what he can do.

    [@D Postom] Thank you for the millions you spend with us, NOT.

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    John USA

    This activation still does NOT work.
    Tried: sharewareonsale (all lower case) ….. does NOT work.
    Tried: registering in ?/About/Enter License Data …… does not work.
    This needs to be fixed ASAP.

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    успешно теперь

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    contiene una variante (Win32/Kcsoft.A aplicacion potencialmente no deseada) Detectada por Malware Hunter y Eset Smart Security, así que hasta cuando van a seguir regalando troyanos y virus??

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    @everyone: Developer has fixed the problem. Please try now.

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    Tom Spencer

    All I solved the issue. The first time you run the app you need to right click on it and Run as Administrator. Enter the licensing information and then you should be good. Failing to do so we keep it in Trial mode.

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