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    Have something to say about Baisvik Disk Cleaner? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Baisvik Disk Cleaner, post it here! If you know of issues with Baisvik Disk Cleaner, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Je vous remercie.

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    I’ve just sent an email to support@baisvik.com as the given activation code does not work. I’m greeted with the following message:

    “Program registration failed.
    Make sure you entered registration key correctly. If the key was entered correctly but it is still impossible to register the program please contact our Technical Support.”

    Sadly, links on the website lead to a page 404 error.

    “Page not found
    The Page you are looking for doesn’t exist or an other error occurred. Go back, or head over to baisvik.com to choose a new direction.”

    Hopefully, I will receive a response.

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    Thanks but no thanks. One must be thoughtful when using this type of program as important files can be deleted in error and really mess things up. The fact that this program’s “Result is shown as categories, and you can delete batches of files only, not individual documents.” (Thanks, Malik!) makes this a no go for me. A user should be able to select the files to delete on the individual level. Because of that feature alone, I will stick with Glary or WiseCare for now.

    Still, as always, thanks to the SOS team!

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    Thank You

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    Alex Petrut

    Nu sunt de acord cu stergera unor fisiere fara sa stiu de unde le sterge. Vreau sa fiiu informat din ce foldere se face stergerea.

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    Hi everybody. :-)

    Baisvik disk cleaner: 1293 files, 751.20MB
    Kerish doctor junk files: 3383 files, 1.5GB
    WiseCare365 (4.7.6) system slimming: 613.8MB
    WiseCare365 (4.7.6) common cleaner: 2699 files, 400 traces, 1GB (without customizations)
    WiseCare365 (4.7.6) common cleaner: 5213 files, 400 traces, 1.6GB
    CCleaner cleaner: 2400-2500 files, 906MB (without customizations)
    CCleaner cleaner: 3400-3500 files, 1207MB

    After cleaning with the other three software, Baisvik disk cleaner reports 204 files, 33.59MB
    After cleaning, it still reports 182 files, 32.10MB: those are undeletable files (while the system is online).

    Files can be ticked or unticked, if you see the details: this isn’t missing.
    After all, I think this program is not so bad.
    It’s a cleaner and it only cleans, without other functions.
    Easy and simple.
    I read it starts with windows and there isn’t an option to avoid this.
    I disabled it via task manager.

    Suggestions for the developer/s (if he/they read/s here…):
    – add an option “start with windows”
    – Offer a portable version
    – Offer a maximize button (full screen)
    – Allow your users to customize paths and files (i.e., I would add my preferred paths to be cleaned)

    Thanks Ahsraf/SharewareOnSale and baisvik!

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    Baishvik Disk Cleaner; clean absolutely nothing , clean five times,all history web pages browsing history,cache still on my pc Windows10

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    Это мой ключ который Вы прислали на почту!!! Но он не активирует программу(((

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    Jonathan P.

    This program was full of malware and destroyed my Win10 Pro installation, such that I cannot even do a non-destructive Windows repair. Shame on SOS.

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