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    Mr. Ashraf,
    I am following you for very many years and I always was pleasantly surprised by your upright and serious demeanor. You gained my respect for that.
    Here, however, we have a strange and unusual situation:
    1 – You are offering Bitdefender Total Security 2018 but if I have a comment to make I click on the link and been prompted to Bitdefender Total Security 2017 where , oh surprise, I find the same complaint I was just about to do for the 2018 version.
    2 – The complaint is about downloading and installing this Shareware to discover, very late, that this comes with just a 3 month Activation Code.
    3 – The minimum that was expected from your side is to advise that the offer is good for only 3 month after which you should buy the AV or go to any other AV that is for free for unlimited time.
    Please take this offer down from your listing so that you don’t mislead further people. It looks like you had it already for over a year !
    Best Regards

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    Thank you

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    djamel sarrah

    merci pour toute léquipe de bitdefender,et bon courage

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    djamel sarrah

    merci de me donner le lien pour le telecharger.

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    Thank you

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    William B.

    Very nice software (BitDefender Total Security 2017) for the FREE price. Thank you very much.

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    Miguel A.

    Sólo es un trial de 3 meses

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    muito bom faz o que prometo, ansioso pra testar de novo…

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    Brilliant giveaway software is great and now I can add security to my USBs and keep my information safe.
    Its really easy to install and is user friendly even for beginners.

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    not impressed by this offer, a 90 day trial???????

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    très bon vous sera alors envoyé un e-mail de Bitdefender avec un lien de téléchargement et des instructions. Prendre plaisir!

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    Only 90 days on the promotion page, pls remove it!

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    Obrigado pela ajuda. O programa é muito bom.

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    I hope this takeaway sputnick.ru and does it well iherd of this appz from a frend i hope he is right

    Best regards Peter

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    I hope we will receive more latest news that relates to this article. Thank you so much.- gmail sign in

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