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    Have something to say about BootRacer Premium? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than BootRacer Premium, post it here! If you know of issues with BootRacer Premium, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Wow, brutal – only a 39% approval rating and not a single comment?

    Well, the program was easy enough to download, install, register and run. A reboot was required, something I don’t normally like to do after getting my desktop all set up for the day.

    Anyway, it seems like a nice program from what I have seen so far. There does seem to be a lot more to the program than I thought there would be and it will require further testing and usage, but a thumbs up from me. Thank you for the offering.

    PS. The program name itself could be a little better. ;-)

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    I got this in a previous offer and thought it was easy to use, helpful for tracking down why my PC takes so long to get started, and easy to disable and run again when needed. Even at its best, my PC was still a very slow starter but I did manage to cut about 70-80 seconds from startup.

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    In case anyone has trouble registering the program:

    I tried registering this new version several times, always said it was registered but on going back to main screen, or exiting and restarting, it said it was the free version. Tried this several times. Finally I uninstalled the program AND the older version that I though this was installing on top of. There’s an option to remove program files but not the log files, I selected that. After reinstalling the registration worked.

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    [ @Mr.Dave] Does this program allow you to control services, etc., as well as APPs?

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    [@RichU] I don’t think Boot Racer is intended as an everyday startup manager. It’s to help you track what slows down your startup. But maybe it works to control everything when it’s not monitoring startups. I’ve had many problems with startup programs on my Win 10 PC. Probably because I’ve tried out Glary Utilities, Ashampoo Win Optimizer, Win Utilities, Boot Racer, CCleaner and others that all offer a way to control startup programs. I had 4 programs that get started automatically, couldn’t get others to start. After uninstalling old Boot Racer and installing new version, then rebooting, I now have 18 programs in my task tray. Anyway, my PC is not the best way to tell if something is good at managing startups!

    The Premium version (in this giveaway) has an “Ultimate Service Optimizer” section (click the “Speed Up!” button) that lets you start/stop and set startup type. Similar to Windows’ Task Manager or Services.msc, except they also tell you the dependencies between services. But the Ultimate Service Optimizer DOES let you create a snapshot of how services are setup, then in can optimize them (but it never explains what that does). If you’re not happy you can restore things from the snapshot. I like that approach.

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    I don’t need an applet like this to control what to run on Windows start up. Really unnecessary.

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    Situation 1: Windows system is loading along with some programs, lets say Skype, some antivirus and a few other apps. It takes 70 seconds.
    Situation 2: You installed Boot Racer and now Winsows system is loading and when it’s funished then other programs are loaded. It takes what, 70 seconds again?
    In my opinion such boot racers are useless, because you can’t shorten time which all this startup programs need to be loaded and run. Sometimes it might be even dangerous – what if you delayed antivirus startup?

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