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    [@Marcelo Preto]

    still not fixed and this is Monday @6:43AM EDT
    Sorry; still nothing in the zip files

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    Kevin Busby

    tried to download again this morning, no luck 0 byte zip files

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    Mike Paterson

    I have all 5 zip files, none of them will open.

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    James Shen

    While trying to unzip the 6 downloaded files with WINRAR, it says the files are wrong format or corrupted.

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    I am sorry to say, but it seems to me that this site is starting to be more and more messy with giveaways. What gives? It is now almost a daily occurrence that there is something wrong with either the registration of your giveaways or the download, or some other issues.

    I must say that I am now embarrassed by the fact that I wrote on another site (some time ago) that they were going to be left in the dust by Sharewareonsale. It appears that I was rather wrong.


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    How about the license? I can use these materials in commercial projects, I get it. But is there any restrictions? Some kind of attribution maybe? Or, lets say, if you done a project and included some of these files into sources of your project (video project, for example), can you share these sources with your client?


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    this is one huge file omg. not going to get it as I still haven’t browsed completely the previous bundlestorm. really great program, helped me with many interior projects. cheers boss

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    Antonio Mungioli

    The download is impossible.
    I am trying since 9am and it does not work.
    All the 6 parts have the same problem.
    Starts and does not end.

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    [@splinefx] https://sharewareonsale.com/s/free-bundlestorm-v2-100-discount#details

    @Everyone: Download links have already been fixed. If you are having problems, try again.

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    quando fazemos o download pelo gerenciador do sharewareonsale, arquivo 2345 está dano erro na metade do download.
    resolver isso fazendo favor

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    I have to totally disagree with your entry. I have been downloading items from this site for several years and when I am faced with a problem, Ashraf always comes through. This fiasco with this bundle was solved and with time, I was able to download all 6 bundles and I am about to install them. You mentioned more and more this site is having problems, I totally disagree with you as it is not that often and the fixes come as soon as Ashraf takes charge. I have no idea what it takes to handle websites like this, but I have to commend Ashraf for what he does. All of these items are free and I believe people should be thankful for having this site and getting more and more useful items. Remember one thing, your troubles could be in your computer or the knowledge you have with computers and not the site in particular. Let’s all be thankful for this site and have more compliments and less complaining.

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    With low ADSL connections it is almost impossible to download the files bigger than 1 Gb.
    For the moment being I could only download part1 and tried many times without success to download the other parts.
    I could download part 1 because I got an error with you little software and got the real download link, link that I pasted in my download manager.
    Without the help of a download manager the download of big files is quite impossible for me.
    Could you please be so kind an provide me the download links via Email ?

    Thanks in advance for you help,
    Best Regards,

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    denis philippe

    merci pour ce trés bon logiciel

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