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    Thomas Walters

    Probably not your problem, but went thru with sign up but have not heard back via email for verification/activation…just don’t want to miss the deal. When trying to access their main website it seems to be down…maybe overwhelmed with requests?

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    Looks like a scam to collect users’ personal information and then discontinue service once they get enough. Already not working at all.

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    all steps done well but ..
    i haven’t receive my verification email yet ?!!!!

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    Same here not getting verification email, tried different emails!

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    I went through all the steps but it’s been over an hour and I’m still waiting for the verification email from CloudAxis. Email address is correct and I’ve tried resending twice now (and no, it’s not in my spam)

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    Artem Konstantinov

    Peace of s*it.
    Trying to register…. site opening veeeeeeeeryyyyyyyy slooooooooow
    Confirmation mail was send to gmail but don’t received….
    Not Reccomend

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    Sujoy Dhar

    Due to high Emails Registration , users are not getting the mails so asking for the support is resolving the issues !

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    I finally received confirmation from dot.tk for the domain registration today.

    But in continuing in the registration process of the account with Cloud Axis,
    many hours later, not receiving a confirmation for the web hosting account.
    Can’t proceed without that. So….here I am.

    Even though it does not look like this offer is going to work out for me, I do want to
    thank you Ashraf for all the upfront and honest offers I have received from SharewareOnSale
    in the past and for the future.
    I guess one offer that does not work out, is very minimal when I think of all the goodies I
    have received in the past.

    Thanks again Ashraf and all @ SharewareOnSale for all your work and best wishes to you all!

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    Jayampathi Bandara

    Sale ends in 9 mins 13 secs

    The promotion code entered has expired

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    Everyone should chat with support team to get their mail as their mails are being hanged due to huge registration.
    then enjoy this services guys!!!!!

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    Roshan Nagri

    Everyone should use their live chat support for getting their verification mail !

    I have verified by them using the live chat support

    The best hosting service no doubt !

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    William Chumley

    I hAve been trying to register for this offer for the last couple of days now. I got up top art 2 where I had to select the billing cycle and put SHAREWAREONSLE.COM in the validate box but the application would let me go no further. I have tried waiting and going back, refreshing the page etc but to no avail. Now it says the promo code has expired. Please help. The name I registered was thepleasureroom.tk

    Thank you

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    I have submitted my details with CloudAxis according to the instructions but:
    – The confirmation e-mail of CloudAxis was never received (many tries)
    – Immediatyely I got an e-mail reminding me I had an outstanding invoice of $ 0,00. There is nothing to be payed, so an Pay-option is missing. But I keep receiving reminders! And, on top of that, warnings that my subscription will be terminated if I do not pay!
    – Sending e-mails to [email protected] is also no use, because the e-mails just do not arrive. (See below)
    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
    [email protected]
    Technical details of permanent failure:
    The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect.
    [cloudaxis.org 2400:cb00:2048:1::6818:7736: timed out]
    [cloudaxis.org 2400:cb00:2048:1::6818:7636: timed out]
    [cloudaxis.org timed out]
    [cloudaxis.org timed out]

    Now what?


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    Sasidharan Muthusamy

    The best hosting and I got the free hosting from them one month free trial and super support they given me !

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