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    Have something to say about CyberLink AudioDirector 7? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than CyberLink AudioDirector 7, post it here! If you know of issues with CyberLink AudioDirector 7, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    mike kay

    Audio Director 7 clocks forever and never actually starts. Windows 10.

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    Lars Lind

    On both the pdf and audio it says access denied when trying to open the downloaded file.

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    Windows XP is unsupported!

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    Gilles Desautels

    What is the difference between this version (LE) and the ULTRA.

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    It would be nice to read a comparison of AudioDirector v7 to what appears to be the default freebie: Audacity.

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    Tried to open video so I could edit audio but it said “Your version of AudioDirector doesn’t support this feature” and that I needed to upgrade. Couldn’t try out so I Uninstalled. Free version is worthless. I’ll stick with Audacity for my sound editing.

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    [@S] I had the same issue, but even worse after loading an audio file to edit the first effect I selected to try it said “This feature is not available int his version”.

    A limited version is worse than a trial version in my opinion because at least a trial version lets you try the features, this LE version just shows you a bunch of items you can’t use and demands money to use the features.

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    Dave Howes

    Absolutely pointless. A video sound editor that won’t let you import video? You’re joking, right? All those options that don’t work unless you ‘upgrade’ to what was promised? No, not for me. My trust in CyberLink as a company has fallen to zero….

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    Le logiciel CyberLink AudioDirector 7 est un lecteur multimédia très utile.C’est un logiciel complet,interface simple
    et conviviale, plusieurs fonctionnalités importantes dans le domaine de l’audio.

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    All of the LE Cyberlink programs are worthwhile and give you enough options to consider buying the full versions. I keep waiting for the Makeup Director to be offered here, as that’s the only one that hasn’t been and I keep hoping it will be!

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    Installer won’t run on my Win 10 64-bit

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    Would like to try audio director, but it will not install correctly. Error says it is an windows error
    Have tried 3 different download and install attempts. Same with Power Director

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    Rodney Henderson

    Have something to say about CyberLink AudioDirector 7? Say it here!

    The sharewareonsale download link for Cyberlink Audio Director 7 is marked with _exe at the end of it. For it to work you need to change it to .exe, for the installer to come up/start.

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