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    I followed new instructions and installed Dashlane using my previous email but as a new account. It didn’t work, I got the free account. I uninstalled and installed it with a new email and got a 30 days only trial premium account.
    I am just asking: who is playing jokes on us ? Ashraf or dashlane ? this is getting frustrating and insulting.

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    [ @John USA]

    I understand your frustration about your negative comments being removed.
    I do not like that kind of censorship either. But I am flabbergasted by the extremely rude tone of your comment, and by your verbal abuse and demeaning insult directed at Ashraf. It sure makes you sound like a real jerk. I am surprised that Ashraf hasn’t banned you from this forum. Immediately and FOREVER.

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    Marcos Goncalves

    With me It did not work!
    I followed the step by step but said it would be premium for 6 months, but it is for a month and only if I log in to the site, in the application on the computer I am not premium.


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    downloaded the android app, it’s the free version. not the premium version that was listed above (Dashlane Premium (100% discount)) which means I am not getting the PREMIUM version of it. waste of time.

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    I have downloaded this Dashlane Premium FREE offer from ShareWareOnSale, but it shows as a Trial for 30 Days.
    What it the process to get this Free offer?
    Many thanks

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    This not premium. I did as described and did not work. The later time I saw 30 days trial. Do not lie to people.

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    DASHLANE PREMIUM (100% discount) is not available, it will be displayed as a trial after login.

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    Salvorin Fex

    I just tried this and after following the instructions explicitly, I do NOT get the Premium at all!
    It still shows, “Go Premium” int the bottom left-hand corner of the Program.

    Why doesn’t this offer work correctly??

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    I believe Ashraf was duped by Dashlane. I have been in emails back and forth with Dashlane support after my so called “premium” was reverted to a 30 day trial. Even tried a new email address as per their instructions, and this is an email I got today from their BS support group. “Sorry for the trouble but per further investigation, we verified that the promo offered on this site isn’t really valid.” Then they go on spewing about a “referral” program, at which I declined and explained I would not want the referrals to be reverted to a 30 day trial such as what happened to us. Funny thing is, Ashraf’s link puts us on a Dashlane URL. That URL is from Dashlane.

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    Shantelle B.

    I am quite confused on how 24.95 comes about as I am also confused as to why its saying that we can get Dashlane Premium for free. I feel as though this should have been stated in the description. When I signed up on the website it said I can get 6 months for free, that would have been fine and I would not be here on this discussion. But it only gave me 1 month trial, thanks but that is completely different from what was stated originally. Is there something going on with the system? Will it be fixed?


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    [@Shantelle B.]
    Please read my comment from the 30th..it pertains to all those who are not getting the 6 months as offered by Dashlane. I feel it was very unethical of what Dashlane did. First it was a year from them, and they cancelled that 1, then 6 mths and they cancelled that 1..to me, IMHO, it looks like they try and dupe folks into thinking they get 6 mths, only give them the 30 day trial and hope they will purchase at the end of that.
    I have completely removed it from my computer (with a lot of work since many files refused to erase), notified Ashraf, and shall not be recommending Dashlane to anyone!

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    Lou S.

    I followed the instructions step by step. It is not Premium for 6 months. It is only for a Free 30-day trial.

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    My new install today of dashline premium is not working it says one month trial only.

    I followed every step Letter by letter.

    Please Help!

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    K Julio Idriss

    [ @Ashraf] How can I install it in English I can not read the installation.

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    You can open your Dashlane, click on Help -> Refer a friend… from the menu, and register an user with a fake e-mail. You, and your “friend” will get 6 months free (up to 2 years for 4 accounts).

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