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    Have something to say about Dashlane Premium? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Dashlane Premium, post it here! If you know of issues with Dashlane Premium, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Could someone tell me if this works with MS Edge?

    I use Sticky Password at home on Firefox and Chrome, but it will not work with Edge. At work I am required to use Edge as my browser, but cannot use Sticky.


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    @Everyone: Updated offer. Please checkout again for new instructions.

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    Can someone explain how the savings of $29.95 come about? None of the prices I see on the Dashlane website match this. Actually, I can’t figure out what time frame this free offer covers. The usual price for premium is $4.99 a month, which comes out to 59.88 a year. So is this for a half-year subscription?

    Not bashing anything, just trying to figure out what’s what. Thanks for any help!

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    John USA

    Ashraf a a very devious b@st@rd.
    He keeps deleting most negative reviews.
    I will NEVER trust this f*cken site.
    Shame on you Ashraf….you just showed your true and corrupt colors.
    Shame on you.

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    Yes : “You get free lifetime upgrades, but access to Dashlane Premium features for 6 months only.”

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    [@John USA]

    I don’t know. I wrote a 100 % negative review some time ago. It still stands.

    In retrospect, I would have made it more positive, because I discovered since, in that program, capabilities that weren’t obvious and I was looking for. (Also, it might have evolved in the meantime.)

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    John USA

    It looks like the activation issue has has been fixed now and been resolved.
    Users should now be able to properly activate this program by following the provided instructions with this program.
    FYI…..very important…..the license to use this “Premium” program is still 11 (eleven) months only.
    After this program is de-activated after 11 months you have to purchase it, so be aware of this provision.
    This morning I had written negative reviews here and they were quickly removed.
    I am quite surprised that my last negative review is still available above and not taken down.
    This one here is not negative at all as I want to give Ashraf credit for fixing the activation issue that all early users experienced.

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    I don’t know if this program is still in Beta testing phase or not. For some reason, there is no reference I can find that indicates what version this is. Where on the developer’s website can I find a full Changelog along with dates and version numbers?

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    Kantilal Nasit

    I have downloaded this Dashlane Premium FREE offer from ShareWareOnSale, but it shows as a Trial for 30 Days.
    Anybody can help me, please?
    What it the process to get this Free offer?
    Many thanks
    K Nasit

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    Garry Clay

    [ @Ashraf] Hiya Yes it Does, there is a Dashlane Extension in the Store you can download. i use it all the time. it also works with Canary (Microsofts Replacement for Edge) if you are using that

    [ @Ashraf]

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    [@Clairvaux] Hi, what do you mean by “free lifetime upgrades”? When you loose the dashlane premium features after the initial 6 months what do you have, dashlane free?

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    Code is still not working for me……

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    Peter Hovorka

    Not working for me at all.

    Used the same email. Not get a premium.

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    D.R. Vonstone

    Was already using the free version. Tried to upgrade but every time I tried creating a new account with my existing email, and input my password, it simply opens the free account, with no option to open the premium version unless I pay to upgrade.

    I tried redownloading and reinstalling the app several times, with the same results.

    Also tried creating a new account, using a different email and password. But all it did was create another free account with a 30 trial of the premium version.

    I noticed others on this blog are having the same issues.

    There is an option in the help menu of the app that gives a link to input a code. Maybe that would be the best option to resolve this issue

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