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    [@dlr89] scheduled or automated (when idle) cleaning. Need to buy CCleaner pro to have the same

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    Peter Monahon

    Shows 14 days, no way to re-enter license to try to change it.

    Appears on screen like an IObit ( Scan ) screen, then CCleaner [ cleaner ] [ tool ], but this offers none of the many other features of even the FREE versions of IObit or CCleaner.

    Loads in the system tray, I have no idea how to start it, I click … nothing … double click … nothing … right-click … nothing … back off and wonder what to do … eventually a program screen appears, I have no idea which if any of my clicks started the program.

    Note, when I start a program manually, I want it to appear onscreen immediately.

    When I click, right-click, double-click a program in the system tray, I want it to open or at least offer a control menu immediately.

    Shows 14 days, no way to re-enter license to try to change it.

    The options ambiguously mention [ ] Close tray when the main program is closed, but nothing changes when turning this on or off, it starts and shows in the tray, and fails to open or offer a many on normal clicking, do they mean close TO THE tray? Regardless, changing it changes nothing.

    Why do they ask for our choice of temperature F or C, temperature shows nowhere. The settings offer CPU usage display which also shows nowhere.

    It moves it’s progress bar 1/2 way across while checking temp files, then moves it again only the first 1/2 way when cleaning, I presume the programmers were copying CCleaner but failed to understand moving the bar all the way across to show completion.

    The program feels like a thoughtless imitation of other programs.

    This program feels like a beta test, where there is a lot to be worked out in every area, in the user interface, in licensing registration input, in controls of how to start it, in what can be controlled, plus it’s not offering anything special that isn’t better implemented by the competition, and it feels like the design presentation is a direct visual copy of other programs, this feels like a computer programming classroom exercise “today we’re going to study IObit and CCleaner user interface and see how they programmed their user interfaces”, there is nothing inventive or special presented in this program, it does not seem to come from experienced computer users and programmers who have a personal investment in the workings of their tools, nor do the programmers seem to understand the depth and breadth of the historical offerings from programmers that came before them in their chosen programming field.

    Consider even ancient Quarterdeck CleanSweep that invented this type of product almost 40 years ago, and CleanSweep v1 was more neat and clean and sophisticated ( see https ://winworldpc. com/product/cleansweep/1x ) – note, Quarterdeck was bought by Symantec and re-released under the Norton Utilities name and is still available for $40US ( see https ://us. norton. com/norton-utilities ).

    I suggest that anyone entering any programming field ( or making any offering of goods and services ) at least do as well a the competition, be quick, smooth, and flawless, communicate neat and clean and unambiguous, and offer something new and different NOT available elsewhere, and, considering the competition, offer something that functions free for a lifetime, charging only for enhanced features, but the basic program always working in an always-free mode.

    However, there are new computers users every day, and depending on marketing, they may see this first and not know about offerings from IObit and CCleaner and other more mature products, FREE products with more features and benefits, so marketing is one way to achieve success even with nothing special in the underlying programming.

    My summary: Not Ready For Prime Time Yet, NRFPTY ( pronounced “Nerf Putty” ), feels like a v0.x beta test with way to many quirks not resolved.

    Thanks for letting us know this is out there, but I wish we were thrown fewer beta-level programs, where our feedback is obvious and should be worked out BEFORE release – “first make it work”, and that hasn’t been done yet here.

    Note, there appears to be an Android version, so maybe the PC version is an afterthought.

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    today it says trial expired & no longer loads…
    entering key says invalid…

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