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    Where is the key. I know its free and I shouldn’t care that you scammed me but, REALLY? you think you will get customers this way. LOL

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    Disgusted User

    The first complain here about the missing key happened SEVEN HOURS ago.
    Still no fix.
    Any body working here or are you lazy people sleeping?

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    no activation licence code given

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    Felix Crevat

    Why the abuse? Give Ashraf a chance to fix things. Maybe he didn’t find the help he was trying to hire in May: https://sharewareonsale.com/author/ashraf

    He doesn’t personally prep these giveaways – they come from a third party service. You can find the exact same daily giveaway on sites other than SoS. But we appreciate Ashraf’s efforts to respond to his followers.

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    You said: “Your license key for EasyUEFI Professional is given to you above. The download link for EasyUEFI Professional is also given above. Download and install EasyUEFI Professional. After install, run it and register it with your license key. Enjoy!”
    There is no key?

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    Jerry Neal

    Where is the registration key?

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    Still No Fix

    It has been EIGHT long hours since the first complain about the missing key.

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    No licence key. Please provide.

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    No license key is provided for the EasyUEFI Pro product, despite references alluding to the contrary. Please provide.

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    Lubomir Filip

    Serial number not listed

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    Still No Fix

    It is obvious that Ashraf is either still sleeping or gone on vacation.
    When Ashraf wakes up or returns from his long vacation he MAY provide this missing key.

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    Your license key for EasyUEFI Professional is given to you above.” but no key is given.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jamie Pettitt

    I have the same problem as all above. No license key was given

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    Duh! where is the key?

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    Danny Irvin

    No registration key given. I need it. Easyuefi Professional.

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