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    The FileSide program, without asking me, settled in the directory:
    In this folder of 66 programs installed on my computer, only Nord Vpn is located.
    Also, it didn’t leave an icon on my desktop after its installation.
    I had to manually install it to be able to include FileSide.
    This behavior of the program puzzled me a lot and that’s why I removed her.

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    Hi, I cannot use the free version on my Mac. It says: “You have macOS 10.14.6. This application requires macOS 10.11 or later.” Well isn’t my 10.14.6 later than the required 10.11? Please help as I noticed others have the same problem on the Mac. Thanks.

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    [@Erik for Fil]

    >”The exe should be called Fileside.exe. Where do you see this weird dealseeker thing?”

    “Weird” is correct. I save a copy of the Start Menu shortcut with the downloaded file. For some unknown reason, I have a program named Dealseeker installed. Its Start Menu icon (in Explorer, Type sorted mode) was next to where the Fileside icon would be installed, but it had not shown up yet. When I copied the icon to place with the downloaded file, I was copying dealseeker thinking that was its executable name.

    I never intentionally installed dealseeker myself. Some other program must have thought I would appreciate them sneaking it in without telling me. Now, I will have to figure out what I installed on the same date as dealseeker (November 4, 2022).

    In conclusion, no, you did not name the Fileside executable with some weird name after all. I also checked and fileside.exe is working fine nearby.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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