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    Have something to say about GoodSync 10? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than GoodSync 10, post it here! If you know of issues with GoodSync 10, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    TOOLS -> GOODSYNC ACCOUNT MANAGE>ADD LICENSE KEY>ORDER ID>SUBMIT after this it shows”Adding Licenses from Existing Order to User emeeran-hotmail-com PUMS: ERROR: Wrong data for activation: unknown OrderID/Name.” Please help me resolve

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    i have the same Problem
    pls help

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    Güzel bir proğram.Teşekküe ederim.

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    ShareWareOnSale provides an Order ID only
    Adding the GoodSync License needs Order ID and Name so registration fails.

    Please investigate this issue.

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    I’m unable to activate the license.
    Tools>Goodsync Account Manage … results in the following pop up “Cannot show web page: The system cannot find the file specified. (error 2)”
    Help>Activate License …results in the following pop up.
    “Login to GoodSync Account using Tools -> GoodSync Account Manage,
    Click ‘Add License Key (Batch Code)’ to convert License Key to actual License,
    then select Activate via GoodSync Account in this dialog.”

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    Doug Dingle

    Aside from all the activation issues listed so far, is anyone using this with Dropbox?

    If so, will it sync any file/folder on the machine, or like the Dropbox app, just files in and under the Dropbox folder?

    And if it syncs from other than the Dropbox folder, will it sync from network (and network connected) drives?

    The activation issue is bothersome…

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    This is junk has no clear way to register the software i tried what it said in the instructions would not let me register it Uninstalling it software should be simple to register without having to jump thru a hoop

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    Its not possible to add order ID and with that no license, because it also asks for a name, and didnt accept name (used for registration of acount).
    Please tell us order NAME for the order ID which is asked for adding license!

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    Doug Dingle

    To answer my own question: Yes, this will copy any local or network folder to a Dropbox account. I haven’t found a way yet to create a new folder on Dropbox, however, so if you want to copy to a new folder, you must create it yourself on the Dropbox site or through the Dropbox sync feature.

    If you got the previous version offered here, and it is now indicating inside the app that an upgrade to this version is available, you can upgrade to this version from inside the app without losing your registration info. Minor upgrades like this from version 10.x.x.x to version 10.x.x.x are free.

    When it goes to version 11.x.x.x, you will have to pay to upgrade, however.

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    Doug Dingle

    This product uses the same support system as Roboform, which is also one of their products.

    I was able to set up a job connecting a folder to Dropbox, but when I went to set up a second job with a different local folder connecting to Dropbox, I got all sorts of errors and issues.

    I recognized the support immediately because I posted the issue on the support site in painstaking detail, and the response was “Please describe your issue in detail”.

    It seems to be all cut-n-paste stock boilerplate phrases that don’t address the issue, which is precisely how Roboform support works. After a few back and forths (to come) I expect the same dismissive attitude implying I’m an idiot for having the problem, precisely the way it works in Roboform.


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    Gordon Ou

    TOOLS -> GOODSYNC ACCOUNT MANAGE>ADD LICENSE KEY>ORDER ID>SUBMIT after this it shows”Adding Licenses from Existing Order to User emeeran-hotmail-com PUMS: ERROR: Wrong data for activation: unknown OrderID/Name.” Please help me resolve

    same problem!

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    very good ,i like it

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    Hi everyone!
    if you cannot activate your license, please take a look at this note:

    1 make sure what you’ve installed is Goodsync V10 personal edition, not 2GO or business edition.
    2 create and login your account on goodsync.com, remember your name here.
    3 click the licenses button on the left side.
    4 click the blue link “Add License Key (Batch Code) ”
    5 copy and paste your order ID which you got on this website then click submit button
    6 you will get a series of number like 191111111111, that’s your OrderID
    7 start your goodsync on desktop computer, click “Activate License command”
    8 click the middle option, enter your name and OrderID
    9 click next
    all done!

    enjoy Goodsync Now!

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    [@MEERAN E] Our apologies for the confusion! Please click ADD LICENSE KEY (BATCH CODE) and enter the ORDER ID we give you above on the field provided then click SUBMIT.

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