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    What, no ANDROID version?
    My wife, & myself, could really use it on Android.
    I’ll try it on Windoz.

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    [@DS] sorry, had a typo in there. Fixed now. Please checkout with us again for a fixed download link.

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    Constantin use this version for Windows XP

    NEW minor build for Windows

    Giri see this


    and this


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    Thank you for your review since you have said it messes brightness of the screen I would not use this product, rather i wonder how the developer even releases such a product?

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    Amazing Software! The pro version can be overwhelming at first. Spend a few minutes figuring it all out and you will be rewarded. There are very detailed instruction on the website. The overlay setting from the menubar is amazing.

    Flux is also nice but very limited.

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    Antonio Vigario

    Thanks for the nice offer. Is it possible to toggle color inversion through a keyboard shortcut? This would make the program even more convenient.

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    Добрый вечер.По акции поставил программу iris pro на ПК-
    работало программа нормально-произошел сбой ПК и пришлось перестановить виндус.
    С этим и пропал iris pro.Просьба:можете мне восстановить iris pro ,если “да”
    буду вам признателен.Спасибо.

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