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    Have something to say about IvyBackup? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than IvyBackup, post it here! If you know of issues with IvyBackup, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Thank you Ashraf and IvyBackup for the opportunity!

    I wanted to ask, where this software mentions “Image backup” it means photo’s right? Images, not a complete image backup of your entire hard drive right?

    Thanks again.

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    [ @Rob]

    ‘Image bakup’ is your whole hard drive…at least on every other backup software that I have ever used.

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    I have seen a review that says con:– No encryption for backups.
    But on the site i see Backup Encryption :Create encrypted backups with industry standard 256-Bit AES encryption.
    The problem is one version is from a reviewer who ( i assumed ) have tried the program and the other from the makers / developers of the program .
    Did the reviewer miss it or got it wrong ?
    Anyone else have something to add that might clear things up a bit ? i have not yet tried the program .


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    [ @Rob]

    Hi Rob,

    Yes you’re right. Images means photos, pictures etc. IvyBackup doesn’t do image backups.

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    [ @Joey]

    Hi Joey,

    The standard edition includes support for encryption. There must be an error in the description here.
    We’ll look into it.

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    Thanks for your reply , i look forwards to hearing what you found .

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    Betsy Craft

    When I try to activate the license key, there is no place to enter the required information. The unlock screen pops up but no where from that point.

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    Guys, if you don’t already have backup software by now, there is something wrong. If you guys are always trying to use the next free thing that comes out, even if you already have something like it, then that is understandable. But, everyone needs or should already have backup software.

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    For the stated $24.95 price, this must be the “Standard” version. Check out this page for more detail on the features and a comparison of the different versions. “Standard” looks pretty good. It does offer encryption, differential backups, backup testing, and backups to local storage (I have too much to send it all to a cloud service). There are no “event-based” backups (fine by me, I can’t imagine why I would want a backup to start as soon as I turn on my PC or wake it up, that’s when I want to USE it). “Standard” also allows program to start with Windows. Not sure I want that either, I would rather manually start a backup when I know it’s needed and I don’t need my PC for anything time-critical for a while.

    I already use Macrium Reflect for backups (the free version works well) and it lets me create a partition image, restore a whole partition or single files and do differential backups at the partition level. It has a high but do-able learning curve — IvyBackup might be easier to get started. IvyBackup seems well thought-out and can do backups to several cloud services, like DropBox and OneDrive (I use Zoolz for cloud backups of my most critical files). IvyBackup looks good if you need a backup program. If you don’t have one, you need one!

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    Stu Mountjoy

    Easy to install and unlock with the free key provided – good webpage for showing which version is being given away, compared with other versions – https://www.ivybackup.com/features/

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    H. Monk

    I obtained IvyBackup via Sharewareonsale; received confirming email with name and license key; installed and activated within the allowed time frame; received confirmation of activation; closed and restarted as per directions; MOT ACTIVATED. Repeat process: NOT ACTIVATE. While I appreciate the free offer, I have little patience for the free accompanying headaches. While I appreciate that my OS (Win10 Pro x64) may not enjoy the exact configuration as everyone else, I do not expect software to be so finite in its application that it cannot be universally applied. However, on a positive note, I was able to effortlessly remove IvyBackup from my system using Revo.

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    I think you are missing the point ,of course everyone has backup programs but have you ever tried reinstalling your back up from a crash HD ? very often its hope and pray for many programs let you believe you have made a perfect backup until you are in trouble and trying to recover then multiple errors show up or all is going well until you are at 99% , further with the ever changing components in windows with every update ( like the latest USB headache after update) making backup with two or so different programs is not so crazy as you may think ,we hope what one program dont achieve the other will especially if its newer .

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    Αχρηστο προγραμμα και δεν μπορει να ενεργοποιηθει με το κλειδι που δινουν από το sharewareonsale διαρκώς βγαζει unregister version οι δυνατότητες που εχει ειναι για λύπηση ΑΧΡΗΣΤΟ
    Ελπίζω να βγεί σωστα !!!

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    Betsy Craft

    RE: #13021918

    The register product screen on IvyBackup continues to have no fields to enter the Name or License Key.

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