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    Лицензия установилась. Провел полную очистку. Пока полёт нормальный, понаблюдаю. Надеюсь, всё будет нормально. Спасибо за Вашу работу. Надеюсь, программа оправдает мои ожидания.Судя по отзывам установил не зря.

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    Thank you so much for your feedback. I overlooked that info today while quickly installing the program before my leaving for work.

    Best Regards,


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    Also, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for Ashraf’s decision to stop those very annoying page popups which used to plague this site.

    Thank you, Ashraf.



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    Great job! Thank you !

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    ASHRAF,,,, Thank you very much for amazing software.

    My guess is a one of the best software offered by your distinguished website.
    One of my favorite is downloading and trying software, I have tried many of maintenance and cleaning software, but when I tried KERISH DOCTOR 2019, I was surprised by its capabilities, I deleted all other programs on my device and kept it … it will definitely be bought and used always
    Once again, thank ASHRAF , and thank the programmers and designers KERISH DOCTOR 2019, We expect you further development and improvement

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    Brian Hughes

    Installed and registered OK, but hangs when I run the full diagnostics at what appears to be the last one. Windows 10 pro 64bit fully up to date.
    I have tried rebooting. There is no error, I have to end the program using the task manager. I have tried letting it hang for about 10 minutes showing a spinning circle. Should I wait longer?

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    Tien Vuong


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    Bon logiciel complet pour la maintenance du pc.

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    eduardo michelena

    Muchas gracias

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    Peter Blaise

    Pros: Seems safe, savvy, and thorough. Resident mode catches misbehavior by invasive programs trying to install startup programs, web browser extensions, scheduled tasks, host file changes. Updates all work with the serial number. At license expiration, it reverts to the free version, which works fine, even in resident mode, but just doesn’t clean or manage memory.
    There are a gazillion tools if you search each tab.

    Cons: There are a gazillion tools if you search each tab — too many of which are redundant utilities that seem to do some of what the other utilities inside do. Many tweaks cannot be toggled or tweaked or controlled by line-item, such as Internet tweak is all or nothing, not selectable by adjustment item. The current version cannot do ALL the fixes at once, instead using radio buttons to do one fix at a time, it should be box-selectable for ALL fixes at once, like the original 2016 version ( which you can reinstall and run all fixes, then update to 2019, same serial number, no problem ). Memory management tool seems unintelligent and ineffective. Kerish Doctor is a memory hog, using a lot of memory. The tool pop-ups don’t always use the same name as the button that called them, so how do you know which cleanup did you just ran?

    Conclusion: Useful for patient hackers, but it sorely needs a user interface rewrite to simplify and eliminate redundancies and overlaps and bring back and enhance individual line-item controls … and the utility suite programming tools underneath sorely need a rewrite to simplify and eliminate redundancies and overlaps and bring back and enhance individual line-item controls.

    Hmm, the Kerish Doctor programmers, and the Kerish Doctor user-interface designers seem to be the same folks who know what they themselves are doing, but good luck to any end user trying to figure it out yourself.

    I still need:

    free Boost by Reason
    free Microsoft SysInternals AutoRuns and ProcExp
    free BitSum Process Lasso
    free temp file cleaners, various onse, I use 3 or more, everyone has their favorites
    free RED Remove Empty Directory ( Kerish Doctor declines to work in Windows’ default directories )

    And I find the free utilities from competitor IObit are still comparatively more valuable in a variety of ways in their simplicity and their powers, and in their their control, such as:

    free IObit Uninstaller
    free IObit Driver Booster
    free IObit Advanced System Care, especially the Toolbox

    It’s good that Kerish Doctor is exploring the free-for-feedback sites such as SOS, but it does not appear much improved since the 2016 version, adding memory management that is not intelligent, and eliminating all-fix-at-once capability, and some neaten up, but it’s still full of redundancies and lack of user toggleable controls.

    I look forward to improvement that are more sophisticated and intelligent in Kerish Doctor 2020.

    But Kerish Doctor 2019 ain’t it.


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    Peter Blaise

    [@Brian Hughes] try free Malwarebytes AdwCleaner to clean out invasions, reboot, and turn off and stop any other memory resident programs, including anti malware programs.

    Running another temp file cleaner might make Kerish Doctor’s job easier.

    Where exactly does it stop — if at the registry analysis, you may need to also run Microsoft utilities, including [ SFC /scannow ] and [ ChkDsk C: /f ], even [ ChkDsk C: /r ] and reboot in between.

    Update your BIOS to current from the PC maker, and reinstall Windows fresh if needed — Kerish Doctor may be identifying a crack in the operating system that may eventually lock you out, and then when you reformat, you risk losing anything not backed up.

    Try free Tweaking Repair Windows Repair ( yeah, the ‘repair’ appears before and after ‘Windows’ ! ) to re-set all defaults and permissions and fix any aliases that might be caught in an endless loop.

    You can try free LikeNewPC, but it’s never fixed anything for me, only confirming that a reinstall is needed.

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    Peter Blaise

    [@AussiePete] the pro features ( cleaning and memory management ) only work for 12 months, but the rest of the program, including resident protection, all work just fine in the resulting free version when the pro features expire.

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    Peter Blaise

    [@Al] if any Kerish Doctor installation fails, of course uninstall and cleanup your computer, and try again.

    Try installing ANY version pf Kerish Doctor ( if you have an old one, or search [ download. cnet. com ] or other file repositories ), including a copy from Kerish themselves, but if you have an older version, the serial number works.

    Then update within the program to get whatever they think is the newest features and benefits.

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    Peter Blaise

    [@consuella] yes, updates work, as well bas downdates, that is, the license works for Kerish Doctor 2016 which has the ability to run all fixes at once, later version make you run one fix at a time.

    But you can update any time and the license will keep the pro features ( cleaning and memory management ).

    When the license is over, everything else will still work, including the nice and protective resident mode.

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    [@Peter Blaise]

    Thank you Peter Blaise for your reply.

    Your thoughtful and helpful contributions both to this site as well as other sites are always much appreciated.



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