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    The link to the Registration page only opened Luminar’s full website. Nothing like a Registration Form like indicated in Sharewareonsale site. i’ve followed the link over and over but same result. THIS DOES NOT LOOK SERIOUS.

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    Brenda Mundy

    I have downloaded the programme, but when I go onto the page that says to fill in a form to obtain an activation key, there is no form at all to fill in. This programme looks awesome, but all I have is a trial version as I cannot find any way to get an activation key. Please help….

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    I registered on the site and confirmed the registration address. Now I have an account but the license key still hasn’t arrived.

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    Sanjeev Gupta

    Hi there,

    Much like others, I have been unable to get the registration keys. The webpage sat there (all night in one case) stating “Please Wait” but it was unable to get any further.

    I have tried this from three machines with three separate email addresses, and nothing seems to work.

    Please can someone get in touch to help, as the link no longer opens the registration page.


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    Never received required code. I clicked on the page to request a code and landed on the product page which may or may not have provided another link to request a code. Found a page which I guessed would provide a code but never received a code from the product developer. Very, very poor instructions. ShareWareOnSale is usually a delight to receive programs. This was, without question, the worst and eventually unsuccessful. Contacted the developer who in reply asked for the authorization code which I still do not have.

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    Gianluca Ferraris

    I have successfully registered on the Skylum website and have validated my email, but I have not received the email with the license key

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    I didn’t receive any email ! is there any solution ?

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