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    Brandi Jasmine

    [ @Ashraf] I can’t seem to find the code to activate it. I had a previous version which was uninstalled, but I can’t find the previous serial number :-(

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    [@Brandi Jasmine] There is no serial number. It is a freeware program. You need to use the coupon vouchers we gave you to purchase in-app purchases for free.

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    who manages prices???? in poland, a single instrument costs 1/20 monthly salary!!!! and what will one instrument in the program give to anyone?…
    As you give the codes for 50 $ then maybe looking at the prices you would give one after 30 $ and the other after 20 $. You might as well give a code of $ 10,000 that you can use to buy only soundpools (which is also one)

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    from your site EULA :

    5. Using the Software and Contents for commercial purposes

    5.1 Software In principle, the Software may be used for commercial purposes. The only exception to this is the product “Web Designer” (not “Web Designer Premium”), which may only be used for non-commercial purposes.

    5.2 Contents a) In principle, the Contents – with the exception of Live Sets – may only be used for non-commercial purposes. This also applies to music, video or photo data as well as the corresponding templates acquired through or by means of MAGIX Products.

    It is not clear to me if i can use the software and create a music and then sell it (on itunes, on a cartoon or a videogame), could you clarify please?

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    ahora que flStudio se volvió una basura con su interface infantil, no está de mal probar este programa,

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    El programa abrió perfectamente sin licencia con el instalador de shareware on sale , pero al instante me pidió actualizar la aplicación, ahora el programa me pide un codigo de activación despues de la actualización, que hago ahora con esta versión trial edition?
    ademas los cupones para comprar instrumentos no sirven, todo está muy mal explicado, ni siquiera ponen los links de los productos cuales pueden aceptar ese cupon, me parece que esta promoción tiene una manera sospechosa de ganar rating con buen titulo pero solo es marketing placebo para que la gente lo pruebe en sus computadoras.

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    totally disappointed with this program. can not even connect to the store, had even with the firewall disabled
    a program that fails from the first moment is a bad service.

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    Hi MayaYucatero,
    I’m sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with the program and it could possibly be an issue with your network connection. It would be best if you contact our technical support team directly to discuss and resolve the exact issue you are experiencing. Please reach the support team at https://support2.magix.com/customer/en/request to solve this problem.
    ~The MAGIX Team~

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    James Hagger

    Product registration requires a serial number. What do i enter in the box? please help

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    Thank you both, Ashraf and MAGIX, for the great giveaway.
    Best regards

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    [ @James Hagger]
    Hi James,
    There is no serial number required to install and use the program. Music MakerFree is absolutely free!
    If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our support team so together, we can solve the exact issue: https://support2.magix.com/customer/en/request
    ~The MAGIX Team~

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    [ @jb]
    Hi JB,
    Our soundpools are only for private use. You can purchase a commercial license on Catooh.com if they want to use a certain soundpools for comercial use.
    However, the Music Maker Software, the instruments, the Live Sets and the effects included can all be used for commercial use.
    Hope that helps!
    ~The MAGIX Team~

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    You do not need a serial for the product so I am not sure why you are experiencing this issue. If you contact our technical support team, they will be able to better assist you and assist you in Spanish. Please contact them at: https://support2.magix.com/customer/en/request
    ~The MAGIX Team~

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    Gutes Free-Ware-Programm, aber scheiß in-game-store, denn es benutzt den Kurs “1$ = 1€ ” und das ist falsch!

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