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    Have something to say about McAfee Internet Security 2016? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than McAfee Internet Security 2016, post it here! If you know of issues with McAfee Internet Security 2016, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    In this : https://sharewareonsale.com/checkout/order-received/4426353?key=wc_order_56d181a6baf23
    when I get into the McAfee Internet Security 2016 giveaway page, It asks about a “promo code” !!
    What is that?
    please help!

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    Samir Buljubasic

    This is the best antivirus.

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    How long is the software valid for? Thanks.

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    Carausu C.

    McAfee is an efficient and user friendly antivirus. Best regards.

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    I can not get interested in any “program” like this that has a mere 6 mo or even a year “trial” period. Maybe something like a defrag or cleaner OK, but not a program like this that people end up depending on, IF you want it to be “trial ware” fine, than say so. It can even be stated that the “main” Version will not be update-able, but that if in the case of a AV Suite at least the signatures will still be update able. Than and only than would it be considered “free”.

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    [@Muhammad] Read the directions.

    [@Hoody] Thanks for your insight, Nostradamus.

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    Bancha Koedmeesuk


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    A H Roddis

    One of the poorer internet security programmes on the market, might as well get free Microsoft security essentials.

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    Below average detection that too for 6 months only. Not needed.

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    “[@Hoody] Thanks for your insight, Nostradamus.”

    yeah OK, don’t quite know how the “,Nostradamus” was meant, is that like “thanks smart ass” or as “thanks for the prescriptive insight”, smirk

    What ever , its my opinion on this stuff, as asked for per user comments.

    BTW , on occasion you do have some useful stuff.

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    Thank you. Regards

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    Thank you

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    The best antivirus

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    Thanks a lot

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