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    Olimpiu serbezan

    [@hank] You’re right,it’s not safe.3 days ago i was creating my McAfee account to download the McAfee LiveSafe”freeware”,i’d entered the credit card datas,and I wasn’t really focusing 2 the registration page,they charged me as quick as an eyeblink with 90 euros.Even my bank didn’t alert me about the payment,i’ve just see after 3days on my account sheet,there’s a payment to http://www.MCAFEE.com.This payment doesn’t show up in my MCAfee account,so,for sure I won’t create any account with bank data’s for “freebies”

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    Does not work, if you have already an account. It says you can renew at special price but no option to get it for free.

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    Ted Kenny

    When I click on the “click here to go to the giveaway page” I go to a Mcafee page that asks for a promo code. Where can I find this code?

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    Tony Farrell

    I installed the one year free McAfee Live Safe and used it for 6 weeks. I checked my account and found that McAfee had renewed the contract, and charged me for one year, after only one month. I checked with McAfee and was told that they had no record of a one year free offer. I showed them the confirmation Email from Shareware – which, by the way, does not state that the free offer is for 1 year but that the renewal will not activate until next year. That should be enough to prove the point to most people but not to McAfee – and was told that I was only entitled to one month free. I am sure I installed the offer correctly but it did not register with McAfee and I had no clue I was going to be charged after only one month. I managed to get a refund, and cancelled the contract, but I would suggest folks are wary of how McAfee can charge your account when you are not expecting it.

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    I read:
    Terms and Conditions
    This is a multi-computer 1-year license

    But really today, 10 March, when I’m trying to install I get a message Your licence till 8/20/2018 – that is less than 6 month…

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    Need a credit card number to get it free LOL I do not think so…

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    Ricardo Pedraza

    No aparece una oferta gratuita, aparece que tiene que pagar
    ¡No se quede sin protección!
    Renueve ahora su McAfee® LiveSafeTM
    y proteja a todos sus dispositivos.
    en lugar de MX$1.200,00
    paga MX$499,90

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    There is no free offer from McAfee. Why is this advertise still on?

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    It’s not free, they will ask you for your billing information for auto renewal membership … I don’t like misleading titles, so it was disappointing for me, i think you have to say that before we are going to download the software thinking it’s free.

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    thank you

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    The offer expired !

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    ‪Maووة Hhhgg


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