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    Have something to say about McAfee LiveSafe? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than McAfee LiveSafe, post it here! If you know of issues with McAfee LiveSafe, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Not so free McAfee LiveSafe. You have to create account at McAfee and when you create it you get this message:
    “We’re sorry, but there are no programs that you can install from this McAfee account. Please log in with another McAfee account, and try installing again.”
    So in order to install from this “free” version you have to pay for it on McAfee site.

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    It does requires you to have an account on McAfee web site and enter your credit card number even though it’s free. The edition they’re giving out is ‪McAfee LiveSafe™ – ADT® Security Edition. I wonder what ADT® Security Edition means. Is ADT getting our personal information?

    Please note that the 1-year subscription starts counting immediately no matter you install the software or not. And, you should turn off the auto-renewal feature in your account so that you won’t be charged automatically after 1 year.

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    It says Mac but it only gives me a .exe file

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    LOL , did you click on the wrong link ?

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    [ @Ashraf] Mcafee is incompatible with our softwares like iobit and mcafee support executive telling me iobit is unwanted softwares (sir, remove these unwanted program then we can help you). i dont like this types of program who fight with other. Mcafee effect pc performewnce and i face many issues in livesafe and it’s not even a full security suite it lag in many features which is necessary and i can run one scan at a time. Intel truekey is key of mcafee it works good im satisfied from truekey.

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    why we need to enter credit /debit card details,,,,,,, is it safe…. , i am not feeling safe ,, it may be deduct my balance,,, so

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    This is typical bad Software what a dissaster iu cant install on my pc i go back to avast premier
    mcaffe horrible same time

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    detection rate below window defender find out just write down on google (av chart 1) click on page see it

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    Marie S. Rodriguez Lizardi

    MacAfee didn’t install and I didn’t get the install key neither !!

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    Marie S. Rodriguez Lizardi

    Ok , it installed , but still no key for registering !!

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    Richard Urmann

    I had McAfee on both of my HP laptops. So far, it is impossible to get rid of. I even downloaded and ran McAfee’s uninstaller/cleaner, but there are still processes and services running that slow down my PC’s. Other programs and task manager are unable to disable them. Booooo McAfee

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    Something is gona wrong. Why I must give my secure and sensitive data from my debit or credit card to get the promotion licence key. Next the provider does inform that I can disable renewal license on my profile by “turn off”. This is not true. There isn’t any removable bottom to click off this option how it is suggested by the provider. Moreover where is e-mail address to contat with this people? There are much worried posts on the forum at the product page. This isn’t trustworthy don’t You think?

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    good offer. hope to use it and see how it does for me. thank you.

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    The offer expired

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