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    This is only a demo program, not the full program as advertised. Need to get proDAD to provide the actual full program. When running the program states that the KLite-CodePack is too old, but newest version already installed. Attempted to see if uninstall would fix, but only installs a very old version, and the the purple X is still on the Video.

    In the past downloads were as described this one does not deliver, and needs to be fixed. This shows badly on the SharewareOnSale website as well as the proDAD as a provider of software.

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    I have contacted support at ProDad since I had the “Demo” problem (see my post above). Support was quick to respond and sent me a link to the installer that WAS NOT a demo. It now works fine WITHOUT the pink “X” watermark. If you still have the “KEY” sent by the company, contact Customer Support at

    and tell then about the trouble with ShareWareOnSale install. They may still send you a new link (like they did with me) to the correct installer of a non-demo version. (They did not send a new “KEY” with the new link but I used the “KEY” sent the first time around and it works great.)

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    Mercalli EASY SAL 2.0 the key that is provided is for a demo not the 1-computer lifetime license, you mention, can you help me with this. thank you

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    Paulo Leme

    As Remy above and others, I have the same issue: it’s a demo version with an X crossing the saved stabilized video.
    Hey Mercalli guys, what happens?

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    gary c

    Waited, but never received the email with the next step and now offer has expired….

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