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    I followed the instructions to activate the program. After re-starting, the license shows as Standard, but on the title bar, it Shows Edraw MindMaster Pro. I did not go through sign-up…

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    Peter Blaise

    I just scanned through the “tutorials” and help pages, and there is NOTHING to help me understand WHY to use MindMaster Pro.

    Oh well.

    My WAG Wild Ass Guess is that when faced with a problem, they suggest to STOP thinking about the problem, and instead think about their software and your computer keyboard, mouse, and screen, and that way you may solve your original problem by … ignoring it, getting away from it for a while, getting off being stuck with your problem, perhaps … then after playing with their software, with your keyboard, mouse, and screen, you will have a fresh experience when you approach your original problem once again … kind of like “… go out and play, get to your problems later …”, I guess.

    As the Linus character in the Peanuts cartoons once said, “… there is no problem so big it cannot be ignored …”

    This program charges you to help you ignore your problems, I guess.

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    Hey guys, it says standard for me too but if you read the pro features and try yourself. For example i was able to export to pdf and html like the pro features says. That being said the standard term doesn’t mean it’s lesser just single user standard compared to all the other options they offer.

    I made an account and activated it via email before i activated the software if that means anything but i’m sure it doesn’t. They just used different terminology for license name.

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    So a spam post one-meter long by “ivan” gets published, and my comment, which has a lot of information on the program coming from my own research and testing, does not ?

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    感謝分享 非常的實用

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    Another publisher with a thoroughly confusing policy. If you go to its website, you will see that this program is advertised as “free mind-map software” :


    However, if you try to download this “free” software from the publisher’s site (not from here), you will get a box saying “Start your free trial” and “Try Mind Master Free”, which asks for your email (you can skip the email, though). So which is it ? A free program, or a free trial version, limited in either features or time ?


    Now I realise the SoS offer is for some “Mind Master Pro”, which is supposed to cost 69 $ (regular price). The problem is, it’s very difficult to find it. Here is what I found :


    So yeah, 69 $ is the regular price, except that it’s for perpetual use but 1-year upgrades only, and that you can’t transfer it to another computer after the first year. Lifting any computer transfer limitation requires the 145 $ licence.

    But what is the difference between Mind Master Free and Mind Master Pro ? I was unable to find any features comparison table. However, in the FAQ, you have this question, relative to no software in particular (they have plenty of other programs) :

    “Q. What’s the difference between trial and full version ?
    A. The trial version has all functions except 3 small limitations.
    a) When you export or print the drawing, there will be watermark.
    b) Trial users are allowed to use 5 templates for each diagram type.
    c) Trial users can create document no more than 3 pages.”

    That does not look to me as a small limitation. At all. On the contrary, this looks as a way to hinder any use of the program beyond quicking the tyres and seeing if it suits you.

    I understand that free offers must have some limitations, but it would be nice to know exactly what they are.

    First we have the traditional ambiguities related to the SoS way of doing buisiness. Okay, it’s a “one-computer lifetime license”, but does that mean I can deactivate it from computer 1 when it dies (or I change its innards), and reactivate it on computer 2 when I upgrade my equipment ? Or is it tied to that specific hardware only ?

    Okay, “you must redeem the license key before this offer has ended”, but does that mean I can wipe Windows then reinstall Mind Master Pro on that same PC a few years from now, if I need to ?

    And now we have this extra layer of insecurity coming from the publisher : if I download this program from SoS, like it, take the trouble to learn it and invest a lot of data an research into it, and if at some point in the future I hit one of the SoS limitations, shall I be able to keep my personal data and time investment by downloading Mind Master Free ? Or shall I need to fork out 145 $, which is a completely different kettle of fish ?

    Also, the information about the company is quite hidden. It’s here :


    They say they are Chinese, and established in 2014. Also, on this page, you can read the following :

    “All of our products are Shareware, which is a means of distributing software on a ‘try before you buy’ basis.”

    If this is true, then the very name of Mind Master Free is a lie. “Free software” and “Mind Master Free” imply that it’s free for life. Not that it’s “try before you buy”, or shareware.

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    I read a notice of a technical problem from the site after many attempts of downloading it to my laptop.Thank you.

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    Lê Thị Thu Hà

    Cảm ơn Mind Master Pro đã gửi tặng chương trình free. Tuy nhiê n khi tôi tới mục lựa chọn giới tính, thì thất có 3 options:
    – Nam giới
    – Giống cái
    – Khác.
    Có lẽ ad bị nhầm cách dùng từ, nên tôi gửi phản hồi mong các bạn đổi lại option: “giống cái” cho phù hợp và thể hiện sự tôn trọng nữ giới.
    Cảm ơn/ Trân trọng.

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    I have checked with Edrawsoft, and they say there is no difference between the Standard and Pro. And they have changed
    the Standard with Pro already.

    And from their FAQ page I found this page stating the difference between a free version and a Pro version, quite clear: https://www.edrawsoft.com/mindmaster/faq-mindmaster-pro-version.php

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    I have question ..
    What if i uninstall the program now.. and install it later on lets say after 2-3 weeks later.
    or format my pc and reinstalled this program ..
    will i have to use the same license ?
    for now i have installed and registered with the same key i got on email from the giveaway.

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    I’m confused. Are there other free diagrams or templates that one can download and import to this software? It seems that at their website every template/diagram is a separate program or wants you to download the full software. I would be interested in organizational templates or geneology/family tree. Can you explain on this?

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    Yuri Dick? You lose!

    [ @Scott James]
    Ridiculous comment. So, you see no difference between the following two scenarios?

    “I’m having a special offer in my appliance shop. Come and choose any stove or fridge free! Yours to take away and keep forever!” (I’m a wise businessman.)

    “I’m having a special offer in my appliance shop. Come and choose any stove or fridge free! Keep coming back and claiming a free stove or fridge forever and ever, whenever yours gives you any trouble or if it feels outdated. Keep taking! Forever!” (I’m a clot-headed businessman, about to go bust.)

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    I cannot activate the software, by clicking on activate it says:
    The license code cannot be used on more computers.

    So did I get an old used key???
    Regards, Peter

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    Robert Kieffer

    Cannot Activate- says cannot be used on more computers. I haven’t used this on anything, its my first time trying the program and I only installed it one time but it wont let me activate it. Can you please help me?

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    Abiral Thapa

    Whenever I try to activate it, it says that it’s already been activated on another computer, and that I need to deactivate it on the other computer, and then activate it on my computer. Help!

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