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    Have something to say about MSTech Folder Icon Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than MSTech Folder Icon Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with MSTech Folder Icon Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Chuck Advent

    Bitdefender blocked and quaranteened as malicious.

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    wont install for me, when hit install asks to save installer to desktop which i do then installs to open desktop and downloads folder, thats it, no installer to desktop, any ideas how to fully install it

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    Yanni Arvanitis

    Won’t install. It opens the containing folder and that’s it!

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    Nice sets of icons, and easy to use with standard icon packs. Thank you.

    But when I want to create my own icon pack, my icons are not visibles, why?

    When I try to make an icon from an image, I get a message I do not understand: “To change the folder icon, first select the icon from and then try again” Select the icon from what? The ergonomy is a disaster.

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    Dr. Hasan

    I can not activate on line due to low internet speed
    What can I do ?

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    Mary Johnson

    [ @Dr. Hasan]

    Dear Dr. Hasan, Please send an offline request.

    Best Regards
    MSTech Sale Team

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    Mary Johnson

    [ @AvC]

    Dear AvC,
    Please contact the support team, they will assist you with that.

    Best Regards,
    MSTech Sale Team

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    Mary Johnson

    [@Yanni Arvanitis]

    Dear Yanni,

    You can download the setup from our website and use the given serial number to activate the software.

    Best Regards
    MSTech Sale Team

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    Mary Johnson

    [ @Chuck Advent]

    Dear Chuck,
    All products are checked and clean, that’s a false positive, you can take it out from quarantine and install the software.

    Best Regards,
    MSTech Sale Team

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    1) You might want to check your System Tray icons immediately before installing and immediately following the install. Several of mine disappeared by installing this program. After a reboot, they do show up again.

    2) On the developer’s websites for the Folder Icon program at url (https://mstech-co.com/mstech-folder-icon/), the page shows the latest version numbers for both the Basic edition and the Pro edition. The latest Basic edition number is and the latest for the Pro edition is (this offer). Notice that the Basic edition has a higher version number. The Basic edition was given away here on SoS on December 26, 2018. As a free New Year’s Gift, MS Tech offered an upgrade, which I had installed, bringing my Basic edition version number up to Notice that the third digit is different from the latest Basic edition (4 vs. 6).

    When I installed this Pro edition, it pointed out that I have MS Tech Folder Icon Pro version number already installed (notice it refers to my Basic edition as a Pro edition), and asked “Do you really want to install an older version ( (This would imply they use the same “install to” folder but they do not. There is a separate folder for the Basic and Pro editions).

    I chose Yes, and it then required me to uninstall I did so, and the install, registration, and activation all went through without issue.

    Since the previous step used the word “Pro” in describing my Basic version, I wondered if there really was a Pro version I clicked the Update button to see if there is a higher version number for Pro. The update screen displays what I imagine should be the current version installed, but instead it shows MSTech Folder Icon Pro, the same version number for the Basic edition given away here back in December. That indicates that the Updater function does not get updated during the install (the uninstall of older version and install of the new version). I suspect that if you did not have an earlier version that your Updater may show the same version number ( being given away here today.

      I would be interested in hearing from other users


    Also, when I click on the Question Mark for Help, the version number is shown as, again, the same version number for the Basic edition given away here back in December. The What’s New last entry shows (nothing later).

    Interestingly, while the Help window is being displayed, it supersedes the regular MSTech Folder Icon Pro window, so Alt-Tab will not allow you to see the main window, and neither will selecting the main window from the taskbar (both windows are shown, but regardless of which one you click, you still get the Help window).

    3) I have tested several different icon changers over the years, but I am not a heavy user of them. One reason is that if files are transferred to a Linux system (such as a web server), the colored folders created in Windows do not show up as colored folders, and the excess baggage of the INI file and icon used for the folder is doing nothing more than taking up space on Linux.

    I do have a few folders in Windows that I did change at some point, and it is interesting to see which programs show the colored folders and which do not. Most common programs do show the colored folder. I do know that programs that use the Java tree structure display function do not show up in color.

    In MSTech Folder Icon Pro, the main screen looks like it has three panels. The left panel is a navigation tool to get to a folder, and it is described as the “explorer section.” The “explorer section” has a List View and a Tree View. I navigated to the folders I had changed and was surprised to see that MSTech Folder Icon Pro does not show the folder as colored in the “explorer section.” If I select the folder, it does show in the “Selected Path” icon area (at the top of the middle section display) as the icon color I had set it to in the past. Since the Tree View and List View do not look like the standard Windows display, the code that provides this function is custom. I would like to think that it can be updated to show colored icons in Windows the same as other Windows programs show, especially since this IS a folder icon changer program.

    The leftmost panel that shows the List/Tree Views is a fixed size. When folder names are a few subfolders down from the root, the last part of the name can extend so far to the right that it is not totally visible, and there does not seem to be a way to widen the “Explorer section” panel, as is the case of most programs that have multiple panels.

    I also noticed that folders that start with lower ASCII/UNICODE character values (such as an underscore) show up after the other folders. I often use an underscore as the first character of a folder or file to place it at the top of the list before the alphabetical names. In special cases I have used two underscore characters to have them precede the single underscore names. MSTech Folder Icon Pro places the double-underscore names after the single underscore names (just the opposite of standard Windows). This implies the code follows the way that Linux normally displays files in a folder.

    4) When a folder is changed by MSTech Folder Icon Pro, I expected to see the “Selected Path” icon display area (at the top of the middle panel) change to match what I had chosen, but it did not. If I click a different folder (in the left panel) than return to that folder, the “Selected Path” icon is changed.

    These are some of the quirks I noticed right off. Other than some misspellings in the Help details, the program does the basic task of changing folder icons. I have not experimented with creating my own icons using the program due to lack of need and time, but overall, I believe this is one of the folder icon changer programs that could compete with the top contender competition programs.

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    Shawn Dion

    The program is gorgeous unfortunately so are most woman or men with major std’s

    This will crap shoot your WIFI connection it has some type of VPN backdoor code spent 5 days trying to fix this issue.

    Minute I removed both installations from my programs and features my pc returned to normal.

    A real shame also ya it might not be virus technology but for my system to decide that my wifi wants to quit on me as it thinks it’s farming bitcoins (Gotta love open source projects)

    So really this one needs a sandbox installation and a babysitting program.

    Great concept could of given some tricks to the dev team to make it even greater but the program just does not behave.

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    faris ali

    the password is not working at all

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    Mary Johnson

    [ @Shawn Dion]

    Dear Shawn,

    Thanks for your review on our product. We are glad that we have such great users like you. We are working on our third edition of MSTech Folder Icon with more features and the best possible performance even better than now.

    1- Since the software registers itself on windows right click menu, the explorer must reset during the setup.
    2- The software will now allow to have both basic and pro edition installed the same time on one PC. And the software will remove any other versions first to install the current setup. Consider you have two different version of the software on your right click menu.
    3- We have noticed that (the changed icon preview in the software main window), and its already fixed in our next version.

    Also if anyone use our current offer to purchase the software will receive a free upgrade to v3.0

    Best Regards
    MSTech Sale Team

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    Mary Johnson

    [ @faris ali]

    Dear faris,

    There is no password on the software (MSTech Folder Icon). If you have any question or need some support, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at “support@mstech-co.com”

    Best Regards
    MSTech Sale team

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