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    Have something to say about MSTech Image Resize? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than MSTech Image Resize, post it here! If you know of issues with MSTech Image Resize, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    mf pcmagic

    [ @Ashraf] Tries to install form sharewareonsale and getting message that I am using wrong license key.

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    Downloaded, installed and registered with no trouble (I picked the first registration option – that seemed confusing).

    Handy, simple to use program. I already had MSTech Image Resize (not the “Basic” version offered here now), and wondered what was left out in the Basic version. Looks like nothing! All the same controls and options are available, just reorganized. And the “Basic” version has added a Preview of the changed picture so you can quickly compare it with the original. So “Basic” is just a name change? Maybe they plan to release a Pro version.

    What I like: a variety of ways to select how small to make the picture, built-in options for flip/rotate and convert to grey scale, and possibility to choose output format. Useful for batch operations is a way to specify a suffix or prefix for the new pics. Quick access from right-click context menu fits the way I work.

    What I’d like to see:
    1. Option to select different resize algorithms. The one in the program is fast but results are better in other programs.
    2. Option to specify maximum output file size, maybe as a way to set Percent reduction. I keep running into things like “Uploaded picture must be 1 Mb or less” and it would be great to have a way to get the highest possible resolution that fits inside a given size limit. Program might need to try creating the output file many times to get the right size, but better to have the program do that than me!

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    Windows Defender is flagging this as a potential danger to my PC.

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    … Is this program an enlarger or just a reducer..?

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    Mary Johnson


    Dear Unkabob,

    MSTech Image Resize Basic works both ways, It can reduce or enlarge image size.

    Best Regards,
    MSTech Support Team

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    Mary Johnson


    Dear taxineil,

    We assure you that the software is virus free and secure to use.

    Best Regards,
    MSTech Support Team

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    Mary Johnson

    [ @Mr.Dave]

    Dear Dave,

    We sincerely appreciate your taking time to provide your comment and feedback. Such comments always makes our will stronger to develop and create better and more efficient products.
    Also, regarding your two suggestions, I shared them with our tech team and we make you sure that it will be available in the next update, soon. Please send send us an email at support@mstech-co.com, then you will be the first one, who will receive the update ;-)

    Best Regards,
    MSTech Support Team

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    MSTech Image Resize – This is Photoshop or Corel Draw ???

    It costs $500 ?

    Why such a complicated activation in a simple program?

    It remains only to give you a credit card number and passport :)))

    Perhaps pass by.

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    No Comments :)

    The activation process is too complicated
    https ://www .giveawayoftheday. com/mstech-image-resize/

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    ruben armenia

    [ @Ashraf] como activo el programa ….Gracias

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    Mary Johnson

    [ @user7]

    Dear user7,

    The required data for software registration and activation are as below:
    1- serial number: to validate your purchase
    2- your personal Data including your name, email, country and etc. :
    These information make us able to be in contact with you to send your activation license file in case of reinstalling the software and the most important part for best support services.
    And finally we give you two options to activate your software.

    Anyways thank you so much for your comment. We always try to read all our users’ comments and we assure you we will use these kind comments to make our products even More user-friendly.
    Your satisfaction is always our highest priority.
    Please be in contact with us to be informed of our latest updates products and gifts.

    Best Regards
    MSTech Support Team

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    @ M. DAVE

    Ce que vous aimeriez voir dans le programme, vous le trouverez dans Light Image Resizer
    Téléchargeable ici :http://www.obviousidea.com/windows-software/light-image-resizer/


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