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    Rich URMANN

    I have NOT installed the program yet, but the presentation on the Website is quite impressive!!! May be more complicated than I need, but it seems like it may have any feature that anyone could want. Thank you for the offer.
    My questions: Does it have a Basic (simple) mode? And, if I ever need to uninstall it, can it be uninstalled, returning my system (Win10 64 bit) to previous state?

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    Thank you for the program. It looks so interesting and I look forward to giving it a try. I had no problem with registration. It was the very last option available when I clicked on the “Home” button.

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    Putting it quite simply if you need to do any amount of file manipulation, this is the program for you. Previously I used windows explorer, xyCommander and Q-dir depending on my needs. This has features to make all of them seem blah! Try playing with adding ribbons (you need to rename the ribbon file to rename the ribbon) or having sets of tabs – small learning curve but well worth it. The zip functions are amazingly fast (probably all other file functions as well, but I haven’t done enough to check for sure). The search results were impressive too: did a search for *.jpg across two partions on an SSD drive and a single partition on a 2TB hard drive. It found over 10,000 files in seconds (and I don’t use windows indexing).

    No question I’ll be buying a license.

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    Is there the possibility for verification when copying / moving files??

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    How to register oMega Commander:

    Click Home button in the left top corner of the window:
    Home Button
    Click “Register oMega” at the bottom of the drop down menu. If you don’t see it, your copy is already registered, so instead you can use “About” dialog to see or change registration:
    Register oMega
    Enter your email address for the name and the license code you received in the email from SharewareOnSale and click OK:
    Promo Registration
    At the end you should see the success confirmation:

    Also when you start an unregistered copy of oMega Commander you may see the following registration popup, where you can enter your license:
    Registration Popup

    Hopefully that helps.
    The Pylonos Team.

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    Ghb htubcnhfwbb cjj,oftn xnj ghbckfyysq vyt rk.x yt rjhhtrnty!

    Владимир, если “при регистрации сообщает что присланный мне ключ не корректен!” убедитесь что ваш email адресс и лицензионный код введены точно как указано в сообщении от SharewareOnSale, без пробелов вокруг. Если не помогает, обратитесь в службу поддержки support@pylonos.com

    The Pylonos Team

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    no FTP support

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    I dont know what to say, i have try it and i cannot change to my language i need. so the software said i need to use an email program to use my language . wtf, why i cannot download a language file from the website? never heart about this. so thank you but i dont want this software, i have delete it and use another one, this looks like not serious!

    What’s your language? Version 2.3 has built-in English, Belarusian, Simplified Chinese, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian. You can also download Swedish
    We keep working on adding more languages.

    The Pylonos Team.

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    Clairvaux, thank you for your critics! We’ll keep all that in mind while working on future versions.
    While visuals are subject to personal preferences (including these of developers, who are biased) we’d like to hear more about the functional side of oMega Commander after you’ve installed and played with it a little bit.

    The Pylonos Team.

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    Hi Ashraf, hello Pylonos Team aka oMega Commander:

    Once again a pearl in the ocean of software!
    I’m very delighted and impresses.
    The installation and registration ran fast and quickly.
    An outstanding offer: ★★★★★
    Thank you very much.

    PS: In order to try out I have decided on the portable version.
    Can I use later also the installable version?


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    Maschi, you can install oMega Commander and have any number of portable instances and they should not conflict.

    There is though couple moments you should be careful about.
    If you define the same hot key to switch to the application, currently open instances may compete for it and any of them will be activated.
    Also importing/exporting settings with specific paths may have some side effects, which can make your portable instance not as portable. Stuff like that…

    Best Regards
    The Pylonos Team.

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