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    I’m fairly selective about what I install — often even for test purposes. Based on some comments read here, I decided to back out of this O&O offering, removing it before it had been activated. Like some other posters, I found this not exactly easy to uninstall. The Win 7 Programs installer *failed* to uninstall it. That is not good ! Had to manually delete all of its files (that I could locate), check the Registry for any entries (there did not appear to be much, prior to registration / activation), reboot, and then resort to Ccleaner. Another of its tools was able to remove the leftover entries from the Start Menu.

    As others also mentioned, there are good alternative programs available. I’m also thinking that this program category is probably best served from a bootable disk that operates outside of a running Windows OS. If that also includes something like a Win-PE, even better.

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    James R Baxter

    Weird thing about this download; I received an entirely different program from O&O. The Image software and password were for the O&O Disk Repair Program software and not an image creator. It loaded fine with what was sent and the password worked although I might keep it and try it out.

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    I had to download twice (once through the hub which at the last minute said, sorry, you need to download manually) 56 mb’s of setup files and then, did the registration page thing and nothing! Waited for 2 days now, no code, no key, zilch! Waste of time and money! O&O did this with another giveaway recently, they just do not want old customers, they want to lure new users, so they say they will send soon but never do. I will NEVER attempt to use any O&O software ever again, and if I still have any in my system, I will uninstall them. I am so pissed at O&O now!

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    R D Silva

    Waste of time. Serial don’t work for 11 Pro. Will try for 3rd time. Very frustrating!!!!.

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