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    Program için teşekkürler. Fakat hala lisans anahtarı posta adresime gelmedi.

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    Gmail wird scheinbar nicht akzeptiert. Ich habe es dann noch mit meiner Provider-Email-Adresse versucht und innerhalb von Sekunden die Emails erhalten. Bei meiner gmail-Adresse ist immer noch nichts angekommen.

    Gmail does not appear to be accepted. I then tried my provider email address and received the emails within seconds. Still nothing has arrived at my gmail address.

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    Ni Bo

    If you don’t receive the email with the code, please try another email. The best thing to do is to register a German e-mail address and then try it out with the new email address.

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    John West

    Looks like in chrome if you translate the page to English, it will not submit your email address !!!
    After stopping translation, email submitted OK and “Vielen Dank für Ihre Registrierung!” is displayed…

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    Waited all day for the registration code and finally received it. Opened O&O, typed in name, company and double checked the registration code and it comes back as INVALID. What a joke. And sharewareonsale is showing 99% approval? Is cloning software available thru Ashampoo? They are the best. So, am I to uninstall and give up? What a waste.

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    Pejman Nabat

    the software is installed and but it is all in german. how do i get it to be in english?

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    I did not get a register key

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