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    Have something to say about Paste As File? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Paste As File, post it here! If you know of issues with Paste As File, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Chris Gingerich

    Paste As File registration key! I am the developer of Paste As File, the key was sent to SharewareOnSale but they forgot to post it with the download. They are going to fix is as soon as they can, but for now here it is.

    Open Paste As File and click on the About button and select About/Check for update.
    Enter the following information EXACTLY as it is below.


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    Paste the file in the ass :)))
    I like the name of the program.
    This Matrix – reload.

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    How is PASTE AS FILE any better than the Windows built-in SNIPPING TOOL?

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    [ @Chris Gingerich] How do I open this program? It gives me no options and only tells me I have 15 days left on the trial?

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    [@rb1401] OK. Sorted it out. You actually have to use the program by copying first to the clipboard and then you can open it. Thank you for providing this.

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    As rb1401, I wonder how do I open this program? no options, no icon in the tray, and only tells me I have 15 days left on the trial?
    I try to do a copy first to the clipboard, but nothing happens !

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    Uninstalled from Windows 8.1 for the following reasons:

    I copied text to the clipboard and tried opening the app as suggested by rb1401 and it didn’t work. I even tried copying an image, and it STILL didn’t work

    Having to go to the Program folder is a pretty inconvenient way to open the app unless you create a shortcut on your desktop (there are a lot of people that don’t know how to create a shortcut, and probably numerous that don’t even know where to look for the program itself), so in my opinion, this app needs a bit more work done to it before it should be put on the market

    I’m sure the developer put a lot of time and effort into creating the app and the few tweaks that I’ve mentioned might get more people wanting to try/use this

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    Ok. When I first downloaded this program it was very confusing because there were no instructions on how to get started :/

    After trying to get the darn thing to open via the Program folder so I could enter the License provided by the developer, I couldn’t figure out how to do it

    The simple way to get started (and I’m sure you’re going to love the app once you get past the first stage) is to:

    1. Copy the license provided by the developer
    2. Right Click on your desktop
    3. Enter the license information in the About section of the app
    4. Done and fully functional

    I hope this helps some of the users here :)


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    Chris Gingerich

    There is a PDF on how to use Paste As File in the install folder. Usually c:\Program Files\Paste As File. There should have been a program group created and a shortcut to that. Here is a link to the pdf online if needed – https://cl.ly/1q3h3v2O150m

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    Andrea Taylor

    I keep getting registration code incorrect. It matches what you have here and what I was sent via email. This is driving me crazy, besides all that, the program windows for registration refuse to close. Please help. I even tried downloading directly from the owners website, that didn’t work either.

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    Flying Squirrel

    [@rb1401] Me too, then I realized what the note below seemed to say and went to try it. Saved a picture, went to the Save as a File folder in Explorer and the folder was gone and the sale is over, sigh.
    and this was the only way to leave a comment that will probably never be seen.

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    Hi, can anyone give/send to me the licence key, this pops up after I’ve clicked on paste as file, 15 days left of your trial, I thought this was 100% free. Thanks maybe in advance.

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