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    Hi. Software PDF Anti-Copy does not run. Windows 7 64-bit log reports an error message. Please Help.

    Aplikacja: PDFAntiCopy.exe
    Wersja architektury: v4.0.30319
    Opis: proces został przerwany z powodu nieobsłużonego wyjątku.
    Informacje o wyjątku: System.ArgumentException
    w System.Drawing.Font.CreateNativeFont()
    w System.Drawing.Font.Initialize(System.Drawing.FontFamily, Single, System.Drawing.FontStyle, System.Drawing.GraphicsUnit, Byte, Boolean)
    w System.Drawing.Font..ctor(System.String, Single, System.Drawing.FontStyle, System.Drawing.GraphicsUnit, Byte)
    w WindowsFormsApplication1.Form1.vLCdf0rOcD()
    w WindowsFormsApplication1.Form1..ctor()
    w TMZofZE6O4NW3jtacn.wssmp2qsv0GQlsWsQ3.RkFxNwhPxc()

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    I downloaded and installed Pdfanticopy expecting to get the pro version which has not water marks. The download is for free version with water marks. Tried to upgrade to pro version without success. How do I get the pro version?

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    [ @Maki]

    Please try to reinstall .Net Framework 4.0 again.

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    Ron Tan

    Installer corrupted

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