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    [@Felix Crevat] Just notice that after I realise most useful functions doesn’t work. No wonder why they give the “Perfect PDF 12”.

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    Mike D

    DO NOT even Install this if you have the older sharewareonsale:
    Perfect PDF 9 Converter or Perfect PDF 9 Editor.
    If you still want them to work.
    You will get a “file corrupted” message when you try to open the older software.
    Fortunately for me I had a backup so I was able to get the functionality back.

    Add to this that I never was able to get Perfect PDF 12 Reader and Creator with OCR to open at all.

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    The same, like others. I didn’t receive any email! It’s fake, not program!

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    Fake! Yet another company collecting personal data (name & e-mail) without even feeling obliged to send account confirmation mail.
    Remove installer with eraser and avoid any SoftXpansion offers in future.

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    Correction. After an hour suddenly received e-mail and logged into account receiving the key. Download and installation, registration without problems, but the only working function is PDF Reader. Trying to use any other function ends with message – “function unauthorized, you must purchase to use it” Conclusion as in previous post. Waste of time.


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    Jim Mur

    It took a while to get the confirm email about 3 hours. I did confirm logged in and authorized but is only for 14 dAYS.

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    Jim Mur

    It took a while to get the confirm email about 3 hours. I did confirm logged in and authorized but is only for 14 dAYS.
    LOOKING AT THE accOUNT it says liftime license! So will have to check some more.

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    So is it a crippled version of the real deal or what do we get?

    I don’t want to waste my time with a crippled software.

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    Support soft Xpansion

    [@Andy] That’s not true at all! Perfect PDF 12 uses a new PDF printer and other engine than older Perfect PDF 9 or 10. You can install and use the programs in parallel.

    This “Config corrupted” message was a bug and was fixed by update. Check your program version. This will be under 9.1.3. Version 9.1.3 fixed the problem.

    The Perfect PDF 12 installation installs Perfect PDF 12. That’s it.

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    its a PDF reader only and other function not work. always showing purchase product…..

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    What a rip-off! Getting this almost worthless, crippled software is NOT WORTH ALL THE HASSLES just to jump hoops and then basically only be able to open & read a PDF without paying extra. There are several excellent readers available for FREE !! Just search the web.

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    No matter what I did, It always gives me the error-message:
    “Perfect PDF 12- The program can not be started because the localization files can not be loaded.”

    This does not change if I use
    -another language (English or German are possible)
    -another installation location

    Checked if it is probably a problem with Visucal-C++ runtimes.
    The manual installation of the “VC_redist.x64.exe” in the package:
    “Micosoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x64) – 14.27.29016” is not possible,
    because my system has already installed the most recent:
    “Micosoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable (x64) – 14.34.31938”

    – Tried on Windows 8.1 64bit
    – Each install and uninstall requires a complete restart of Windows (…)
    – Though I never acitvated the “14-days Trial-Mode” after the first uninstall I lost the opportunity to chose the 14-days trial. Now there is only the Restricted Trial Node available, so I tried the Free Reader mode. (I do not want to waste my licence (which is hardware bound) to a useless installation!)

    Though It seems to be a generous giveaway, it does not work for me. Anyways, Thank you! I hope you can fix those issues.

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    [@J.B.] used version: soft_Xpansion_Perfect_PDF_12.2.3.zip

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    Ok that’s good information.

    I guess I’ll pass then.

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    No confirmation Email? What’s with this site and nothing working lately? another waste of time! getting tired of this!

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