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    Have something to say about PhotoZoom 6? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than PhotoZoom 6, post it here! If you know of issues with PhotoZoom 6, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    I have a license for the version of PhotoZoom Classic 7 Outstanding photo enlargements Version 7.1.0, release date: Jan 4, 2018
    Tell me, is this version of PhotoZoom 6 a new version or an old one?

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    same version for me : 7.1.O. Version than I ‘ve found here !!
    I don’t understand why you offer a very old one today !

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    Caution! In order to receive your key and serial number to open the program you must agree to provide your consent for advertising and the storage of your data with this company.

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    John USA

    I got the new version 7.0.2 from here:

    Free PhotoZoom 7 (100% discount)

    It still does work…… so get this new version and forget about the old version 6 that is being offered here.

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    Harold Peters

    The software may be great, but the cost is too great! They require that you agree to the following statement: “I agree to the storage and processing of my personal data.” No limitations, no recourse, just carte blanc permission for all my personal data. Doesn’t say it is only the picture being enlarged that they will “store and process.” You are giving them permission to store ALL your personal data!!! I can’t imagine any intelligent computer user willing to give that kind of authorization. If they change the statement to limit it to the picture being enlarged, the users still need to determine if they want to give permission to store their pictures for an unspecified length of time for unspecified use–facial recognition? sale to third parties? extraction of metadata for nefarious purposes? Who knows! It doesn’t matter, because you’ve authorized them to do whatever they want with it!!!

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    Several people have noticed that this offer is for version 6 but recently we were offered version 7 here at SoS on 2020-09-21 (and still available). I noticed that the names after the version numbers were also different. One is version 6 “Standard” but the other is version 7 “Classic.” Since Franzis generally installs to a different folder, I decided to install the version 6 Standard offered today. When the install started, I noticed two things that stood out to me; one is that version 6 also uses “Classic” (no Standard mentioned), and the second was the BenVista name.

    BenVista is one of the early software companies that jumped on the enlargement abilities offered by using S-Spline technology. I did a comparison of products that used the S-Spline technology a few years back. At that time, Franzis did not have any products using the S-Spline technology, which put them at a disadvantage with the others that already had S-Spline-based products. Franzis has offered products developed by other companies under their own name, so seeing the BenVista name was not a big surprise.

    BenVista simply allows Franzis to market the PhotoZoom product under the Franzis name. BenVista uses “Classic” and “Pro” but does not use “Standard” at all. The “Classic” editions are what a lot of software companies would call their “Standard” edition. BenVista sells the same software, and their current version is 8, just like the Franzis PhotoZoom 8. Both have the same retail price. BenVista has version 8 “Classic” and “Pro” editions. On Franzis’ website, you cannot purchase the “Classic” edition. Even though I said that Franzis only sells the “Pro” editions on their website, somehow, they can also offer the “Classic” editions, just not normally accessible on their website.

    When I compared version 6 to 7, I did not see any differences in the output when using the same preset (each does start with slightly different presets). From the literature I could find, any differences might be mor related to the compression method used to store the files and how other artifacts are dealt with (such as noise). Therefore, some pictures might look exactly the same regardless of which version used, and others might show different results.

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    [ @Gary]
    Thank you so much, Gary, for your very informative comment.

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    Question for Shareware ON Sale or Franzis

    I installed PhotoZoom Classic 7 on 12/17/20 from SOS. This offering is ver 6 which appears to be an older version.
    Is the current SOS offering a downgrade (i.e. should I keep my previous install?)

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