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    Have something to say about Power-user? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Power-user, post it here! If you know of issues with Power-user, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Bill Rutan

    When I enter my email and the serial 7790D08C-0099-D2A5-ABD0-44C85C98A7AD
    when I click start to send the registration nothing happens.

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    Hi ASHRAF please contact admin of the site when enter email and registry code nothing anything no error no register thanks

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    Stephen Milne


    I have the same problem

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    Giovanni Inglima

    Stesso problema anche per me.

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    Same Problem. Nothing working

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    Give a link to the official page of the program.

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    John Gough

    Same here as well.

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    When I enter my email and the serial you kindly provided and then click start to send the registration, nothing happens and each time I go back into Excel it re-asks me for the same details without the activation having worked.

    However, I do get the following email each and every time stating the following after each attempt to activate –

    Congratulations, you now have superpowers!

    You just activated Power-user and dozens of tools have been added to your PowerPoint and Excel so you can make amazing presentations:

    Fantastic content with hundreds of PowerPoint templates, icons, editable maps, dynamic diagrams and charts
    Automatic tools to clean and format your presentations, harmonizing colors, fonts, titles, languages or charts in a single click
    All useful features gathered on a single tab so save you the energy of switching from tab to tab every 2 seconds
    Powerful Excel functions and utilities to supercharge your Excel spreadsheets and save hours

    Learn more about what you can do from our website here or checking the user guide.

    Now you are ready to boost your productivity. Help your colleagues and friends do the same by telling them about Power-user. You can forward them this email so they can download it from here or share on Linkedin!.

    Now enjoy!

    The Power-user team

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    [ @John Gough]
    Not working here either

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    Registration not working – Please resolve

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    Quach Phat Thang

    The official website for this Microsoft Office – Add-ins is https://www.powerusersoftwares.com/

    For you, [@Yuri]

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    Brian Hughes

    Same as David, had to uninstall power user to get back into Xcel. Lots of emails saying it is activated, one for each attempt

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    То же самое, как и у всех. Тоже не регистрируется, тоже приходят письма. Исправьте, пожалуйста.

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    Yet more problems with Sharewareonsale. Not only does this not register but after re-booting computer I had to uninstall Power-user and re-install Office to get Excel to work. Don’t Sharewareonsale check put these programs before posting.

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