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    Cool thankyou

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    Cathy Preece

    Tried to create an account, but when I clicked the link in the email it said it couldn’t be verified. If I try to login it says the credentials are wrong, if I try to register again it says the email is taken.

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    Thanks for the great program!

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    Nick H

    The registration process did not work initially. It took some time to set up an account, the email to activate my account did not arrive, I requested it to be sent again, this took some time to arrive, whie other emails were arriving OK. When I tried to sign into the account the password, saved in my password manager, was not recognised. So I tried to reset the password. The email to confirm this took ages. I gave up waiting for it last night and went to bed. It arrived overnight but had expired by the time I tried to use it this morning. Today I’ve tried to reset the password again, but am being asked for the password that was not recognised initially and which I have been trying to reset!!!

    I tried installing the software on a Win 7 64-bit computer. I got a system error message saying that “api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-2-0.dll is missing from my computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem” I uninstalled the software, cleaned out any remaining traces and reinstalled it, I got the same error message. I uninstalled the program and then I downloaded the software again. I got the same error message when I installed it. I do not have any system error messages when I run the many different programs that I have installed on this computer. When I click on the ‘OK’ buton in the error message window, another error message box pops up, repeatedly, I have to kill the process in process explorer to get rid of it.

    Could this registration process and installation be made any more complicated, with so many seemingly built-in bugs? Probably, but it would need a lot of thought to do so! I would have liked to have tried this software, I’ve used up several hours of my life which I won’t get back, I’m not going to lose any more because of it.

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    Process to setup account and enter giveaway license works. But, when trying to sign in via software, no work.

    Can login to site with email / password but cannot sign into account via software interface? Entering exact same info into software results in “Invalid username or password”?

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    [@Tomj] The ‘verify’ email(s) arrived at my Inbox this morning, account is activated, give-away code has been entered, and all is well. Many thanks to the Saola Animate team!


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    [@Saola Animate Team]
    “But please note that Saola Animate requires that you must have internet connection to validate your account at least once in 30 days”.

    No offence, but why is it necessary to validate your program every month. This is very, very uncommon. It is strange and ridiculous.

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    My friend from work encountered exactly the same issue.

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    I am having the same problem as Terry and consuella’s friend at work:
    Install went fine. From program created “free” account. Received and responded to verification email. I can log in to the site with the credentials used from more than one computer. My account shows No Devices. Attempt to Sign In from program, even after closing and reopening several times. Using same credentials which work for website, the program Sign In box responds with “Invalid login or password.” So the program remains as a trial. I removed the Free Giveaway License on the website and reentered it. It is accepted. Restart program and try to Sign In. It again rejects the sign in.
    What gives? Help!

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    I’ve created my account, claimed the giveaway, but it won’t let me login via the program itself. Suggestions?

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    [@Brent] Got it figured out. Just did a password reset and it logged me right in.

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    Saola Animate Team

    Hi, this is an issue with Saola Animate when your password contains the percent symbol (%). Please change your pw via the web and sign in again. We’ll fix it in next update.

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    Saola Animate Team

    Actually, that’s a common practice for any desktop application with subscription model which uses an account to sign in. Some examples are MS Office 365, Adobe products,…
    The point is to validate if your subscription has expired or not and to sync your changes to the account on the web if any.

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    Unfortunately you do not only have a problem when the password contains a %. After reading your reply to consuella, I went back and re-registered with an email address which did not contain a +, which is entirely legal as an email address and supported and used by me in my Gmail address. After using an email address without a + and creating a new account the Sign in from the program worked.
    Please fix your email constraints as well as the password bug.
    One can only hope that your adherence to HTML5 protocols and related is more complete.

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    I believe that this Vietnamese developer is probably not acting in good faith.

    Many people here are having problems with this “giveaway” and it makes you wonder, why.

    On visiting my father today I learned that he installed Saola yesterday, but could not activate the program. So he contacted the developer’s support yesterday and he was told that he could not sign in from the program’s interface because his password contained a percentage sign. Following their advice he removed the percent sign, but this still did not work. Frustrated with these issues, he decided to uninstall Saola.

    I am trying to help him install this program today. At first, we were able to successfully change the password to one containing only lower case letters, but when we tried to log in again, we were repeatedly getting error message to the effect “whoops something went wrong with your account” or something like that. After being fed up with all these annoyances, we decided to open another account with a different email address and a different password again containing only lower case.
    But when we tried to confirm our email address, we got an error message saying that our data don’t match. We were very, very carefull when entering this data. I mean, there is no way they do not match! That leads me to believe that this developer is mainly in the business of harvesting as many email addresses as possible, and/or does not want too many people to get hold of this giveaway.

    This is very, very frustrating and discouraging.

    I will never ever install anything from this developer.


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