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    The explanation dont work here.

    Get the file
    SHA-1: 7125E48DD9699D39222F759FAA86862554E1CED5
    2,25 MB

    installed and get trial, make the free account but no code.

    Others shareonsale offers enable a license how these

    Single user license

    But these time ShareOnSale dont send any code.

    The link
    needs the CODE

    Where are these code?

    send these mail to the atomi:

    installed the shareonsale but dont get the code
    what is the code?

    And waiting the reply

    Hope these isnt a methode to get a maillist…

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    used the tip form these user and voliá



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    Anyway there is something very weird in this software using the shareonsale license:

    You must be using the application itself LOGGED using your free account to get the full license!

    If you do not log in to your free account provided by ATOMI the software reverts the license for 15 days of use …

    Who risks this? Why?

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    [@Saola Animate Team]

    Firstly, you are not comparable with classy ADOBE, second Adobe charges for CC but does not charge an annual fee for Elements, third this Saola Animate offering is, according to my understanding, a lifetime giveaway. As such, your requirement to reactivate this lifetime “giveaway” monthly is very strange, silly and unreasonable. What if I forget to reactivate your program next month? Will this lifetime giveaway stop working? Your preposterous requirement forces me to remember to do this little, ludicrous thing among other, far more important, things in my daily life. Come on people! Try to be more reasonable and don’t turn off your potential future customers by some silly requirements.

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    Saola Animate Team

    The validation is built into the same program and it can use whatever license, not just this giveaway. We don’t build a separate program for this giveaway. Besides, this giveaway also includes updates to any 1.x version.
    You can call it silly.
    If you think this giveaway license for Saola Animate doesn’t worth it, then fine, you just need to uninstall it and send us an email so we can remove your account. It’s your choice! If you like it then take it, but if you don’t, ignore it. It’s that simple.

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    Saola Animate Team

    Issues can always happen. It would be better if you contact us so we can help.
    Anyway, we’ve just release an update to fix the issue with emails or password containing % and + signs.

    And last but not least, if you’re concerned about us collecting emails then please feel free to contact us and request to remove your account (if you have registered).

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    [@Saola Animate Team]
    You would win a lot of friends by dropping your requirement of validating this offer every month. Realistically: who can remember to validate their account monthly. There is so much more to life than just fretting about not forgetting to validate a program, each month. Besides, some people might use your software only a couple of times a year. So it would be very nice of you if you dropped your requirement.


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    Saola Animate Team

    It looks like you missed the important point here: You don’t have to validate your account every month to keep it valid and not expiring. You just need to validate it to use Saola Animate. It’s like your email account, just sign in when you use it, otherwise you don’t need to. Your account will stay intact if you don’t sign in.
    Of course, if you don’t sign in to your account at least ONCE A YEAR then your account will be marked as inactive and closed.

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    I did everything as told, got the giveaway license, installed and logged in, all fine, except on my profile info in my account, it still says trial account 29 days left and asks me to subscribe!?? What did we get from SoS then, if I still need to pay for a yearly subscription? If this persists, I’ll uninstall asap.

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    Hi! I did all like in instruction, but whwn I entered the Claim Giveaway Licence code, it says: The giveaway code is not applicable anymore!

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    Sebastián Zubia

    When I enter the code, they answer “The giveaway code is not applicable anymore!”

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